H1 – Keep on the Shadowfell – Game Session 7

Game summary for April 16, 2009; present characters included Adran Thorn (half-elf ranger), Balasar Scaleskin (dragonborn fighter), Galinndan (eladrin wizard), and Gloombrood Sorrow (tiefling rogue).

Wasting no time, Balasar slashed through the curtains blocking the adjoining passageway. He plunged through to find goblin cutters and warriors waiting. Vicious fighting ensued, but the Unspeakables soon put down all the goblinoid vermin.

They proceeded through a pair of doors to find another goblin warrior, and Balgron the Fat. Balgron launched crossbow bolts while the warrior engaged. Adran ran forward to press the pudgy goblin and got swatted in the knees with Balgron’s club for his efforts. Then, the overweight injured goblin waddled through some curtains and disappeared. The group quickly advanced on the curtains and found they surrounded a bed and Balgron’s mate, but no Balgron! The screaming female goblin was convinced to tell them Balgron had fled through the wall. A quick search unveiled a secret door!

Through the door, down the steps and through another secret door brought the Unspeakables into a hallway. Following a trail of blood, they found themselves back at the entrance of the keep. They decided to head the opposite direction to investigate some voices they had heard. They discovered a large chamber being excavated by a trio of goblins. The floor was dug up all over, and wooden beams connected islands of flagstone in a sea of open pit. Down in the dirt, a pair of guard drakes snarled and spat.

Ever the headstrong hero, Balasar lunged out across one of the beams, which cracked and collapsed under his weight! The dragonborn crashed to the earth below and was hounded by a guard drake. Meanwhile, the goblins scrambled up onto islands and lobbed volleys of crossbow bolts at the group. The ferocious attack drove the group back. Galinndan unleashed a sleep spell, which knocked out one archer. Balasar struggled to get away from the drake, and Gloombrood launched sling stones at the crossbowmen. Bravely, Adran stepped forward and shot one drake and one goblin, killing them both. His allies rallied and pressed the advantage. Gloombrood attempted to cross over to the goblin island but lost his footing. Were he not so agile, he would have landed heavy, but instead he rolled to a comfortable stop in the dirt. Galinndan continued a barrage of magic missiles while Adran launched bolts. Soon, the enemies were slain.

Nursing a severely injured Adran, the team moved on. They discovered a dark stairway descending into some sort of cave. They tossed down torches and a sun rod to reveal scattering rodent-like forms the size of a dog. What horrors lurk in these depths?

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