Mutants & Masterminds – Game Session – 001

Game summary for June 14, 2014, Toys Will Be Toys adventure, Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition; PCs included A.N.G.E.L., Bluster, Outstanding Man, and the Pachyderm.

The team responded to a burglary alarm at the Fun-Time Toys factory during the undead pirate invasion of the city. Upon arriving, they discovered a trio of hostile RoboPoochies and a massive Box ‘N’ Bot! Outstanding Man smashed one RoboPoochie with a florist truck and hit another with a dumpster. Bluster and A.N.G.E.L. unleashed a barrage at the others. The dogs closed in with the Pachyderm while the Box ‘N’ Bot began swinging. It didn’t take long for the RoboPoochies to incapacitate Pachyderm, but the team dispatched them soon enough.

Inside the building, they found two unconscious security guards. The team brought them to and learned the factory was under attack from various robots. The guards ran off to get the authorities while the elevators opened and disgorged another RoboPoochie and five Lil’Gigantosaurs! The fire-breathing purple dinos melted parts of the walls and launched their power fists into the heroes. Bluster seemed particularly adept at picking them off with his wind blasts. The Pachyderm joined in by sucking down gulps of water from the fountain and blasting the robots. Outstanding Man and A.N.G.E.L. flew down the hall to engage. Soon, a second elevator opened to reveal six tiny Space Patrol Action Figures! Soon, lasers, fire, and miniature dinosaur fists were blasting about all over the hallway! It took a while, but the group finally destroyed all of the robots!

Up on the 4th floor, the team discovered the infamous Toy Boy destroying files at a computer. His four Box ‘N’ Bots, a RoboPoochie, and a robotic Chuckles the Clown moved to protect him. Outstanding Man began smashing robots with desks. Bluster summoned a blinding cloud around Toy Boy to distract him, and the Pachyderm began smashing the heads off of robots. Outstanding Man smashed Toy Boy up against a wall with a desk, and Bluster knocked him out with a wind blast! Soon the team smashed the remaining robots and apprehended the reprehensible Toy Boy! They learned he was angry over Fun-Time Toys stealing some of his plans and turning them into children toys!