H1 – Keep on the Shadowfell – Game Session 9

Game summary for April 30, 2009; present characters included Adran Thorn (half-elf ranger), Galinndan (eladrin wizard) and Gloombrood Sorrow (tiefling rogue) accompanied by mercenary Bree Shinbreaker (halfling cleric).

Still within the caves beneath the keep, the Unspeakables set out to explore. They soon found a door leading to a subterranean pool of water. At its center glittered the sparkle of gold and silver coin amid a pile of bones! Within a few moments, the water surged forward, disgorging a blue slime. The mindless ooze attempted to consume the party and badly injured the entire group. It was finally Galinndan who succeeded in slaying the monster, grabbing the treasure, and dragging his unconscious friends back to safety.

Later, with Adran comatose and dying, the trio proceeded further into the caves. They discovered an area riddled with two-foot wide tunnels. Before long, they stumbled into the middle of a kruthik hive! The reptilian menaces attacked immediately, attempting to turn the intruders into a snack. After a pitched battle, the Unspeakables defeated these vermin as well.

Upon returning to the secret chamber they had discovered earlier, they found Adran alive and recovering, although badly injured. He was nursed back to health and ready to proceed.