H1 – Keep on the Shadowfell – Game Session 8

Game summary for April 23, 2009; present characters included Galinndan (eladrin wizard) and Gloombrood Sorrow (tiefling rogue) accompanied by mercenaries Bree Shinbreaker (halfling cleric) and Skald Konietzko (dwarf warlord).

The team advanced down the stairs into the caverns and discovered numerous giant rats scurrying along the ceiling. The vicious creatures ran up and down stalactites, biting the Unspeakables as they moved through. Before long, it became apparent why the rats traveled on the ceiling—a massive ochre jelly soon sloshed up to the party and tried to consume them! Fighting broke out in earnest, with rats falling from the ceiling and oozes splitting into smaller, still vicious, puddles. After a long, pitched fight, the Unspeakables won out and defeated all the vermin, but not without taking substantial injury.

After the battle, the team discovered a secret room in the caves and holed up. After six hours, the team awoke refreshed and alert, ready for whatever additional dangers the dungeons would hold.

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