Game Results for January 18, 2007

It was game session 24 of Age of Worms and my 200th game as Dungeon Master for this group. After consulting with Yellowknife in Daggerford, the party made haste back to Cromm’s Hold. They found the undead contained and debated strategy for a long time. Eventually, Lyrin used unseen servant to clear debris from the stairwell and grant access to the basement. As the party moved into the basement, things fell apart.

Finding the spawn of Kyuss, in their full glory, was a mind-shattering event of terrifying proportions. Several of the party members could not handle the supernatural fear and ran screaming about the basement in blind panic. While they ran about, the spawn covered them in worms which began eating into their brains. Evo had made an effective use of a necklace of fireballs (hitting the enemy and allies, however) and tried to follow it with a melee attack with a flask of alchemist’s fire (the first time that tactic has been used, anywhere, to my knowledge). Sadly, he succumbed to the fear and dropped the flask on himself.

Grot, despite the worm in his body, managed to injure the spawn and bring one down. Lyrin came in with spells a-blazin’ and laid out the other two. The party regrouped on the main floor, and Camthalion (who had numerous worms in him) fell face first onto the floor. Morak extracted a worm from Grot’s skull with his dagger. After a short while, Evo went over to dig the worms out of Cam with his dagger and found the great elf had died!

The entire party looked on in horror as Cam’s eyes burst and worms boiled up from within his brain, pouring out of his empty sockets, mouth and nose. Hands flew to weapons as his corpse sat upright in their midst…

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