Game Results for January 11, 2007

Game session 23 of Age of Worms is complete. After slaying the lizard king, Redeye, the party followed Hishka through a submerged tunnel and attacked a group of kobolds loyal to Ilthane. They then waded into a pool filled with hundreds of lizardfolk eggs in order to examine the black dragon egg also present. When Lyrin touched the egg, it cracked and fell apart, spilling hundreds of short green worms into the water. Hishka went hysterical and began grabbing up eggs and carrying them out of the water. The party dove in with him, snatching eggs as quickly as they could move.

The worms churned the water as they moved about, and as the group watched, worms burrowed into the lizardfolk eggs near them. Within a few moments, the eggs began hatching and half-formed lizardfolk spawn swam forth with worms bursting from the flesh, nostrils and eye sockets. Lyrin succeeded in destroying many of the worms with a fireball but also destroyed several lizardfolk eggs. Valgen recovered a submerged chest and drug it to shore, and then he and Zebaum entered the pool and snatched up several of the half-formed spawn. They took the creatures and had Grot bash them to bits.

The lizardfolk were overjoyed that the group saved so many of their eggs; Hishka even ran about kissing party members. The group opened the chest to find some magical items and a small fortune in coins. They then gathered up Marzena and the other refugees and headed back to Cromm’s Hold.

At the Hold, the party found that some kind of undead creature was trapped in the basement and it had claimed two others to join it. Undaunted, Grot and Valgen began pulling the barrier out of the way. One of the creatures slipped its arm through and tossed some small green worms onto Grot, which quickly disappeared under his armor. The group began putting the barrier back in place as Grot began thrashing about in pain and desperately ripping at his armor. The dwarf screamed and clutched his head in agony as the worms burrowed through his flesh and into his brain. Zebaum and Morak drew daggers and performed a crude extraction. Although badly injured, Grot survived with the aid of Beardfist’s divine prayers and Camthalion’s use of the perpetual talisman.

The team helped further barricade the area and told the residents of the Hold they would return in two days after traveling to Daggerford to consult Yellowknife for a solution. Once there, they find that Yellowknife knew little more than they but recommended they seek out an old ally of his in Waterdeep. However, he asked that they first return to Cromm’s Hold and deal with the menace in the basement.