Game Results for January 4, 2007

It was game session 22 of the Age of Worms campaign. The party elven scouts, Cam and Zebaum, crept into the lizardfolk territory for some recon and discovered the secret entrance into the lair. The elves returned to the party with the information and led the group inside. Once within, they encountered numerous lizardfolk and even an assassin vine, which tried to consume Morak Beardfist.

The team fought and killed Redeye’s lieutenant, Kotabas, a barbarian lizardfolk tainted with dragon blood. Kotabas fought bravely but was no match for the party’s might. The best the barbarian could muster was attempting to carve his name in Thoril’s hide, an endeavor the raging creature made fairly good headway on. Within the same room, the group found two of the missing soldiers and healed and freed them.

Moving into the next area, the group encountered Hishka, the shaman of the tribe. The shaman opted to speak instead of fight, inquiring if the group was from “Deep Water”. Taking this to refer to Waterdeep, the group said no but proceeded to strike a deal with Hishka. The shaman would release Marzena and promise safe passage out of the lizardfolk lair and end the raids upon the surrounding lands if the party would defeat the leader of the tribe. They discovered the leader to be a wicked follower of Talos the Destroyer named Redeye (as they suspected). However, this lizardfolk was not a lich. Instead, he was a powerful warrior who has been goaded into striking out against the civilized lands due to the influence of a dragon named Ilthane. Ilthane had struck a deal with the lizardfolk to help protect their eggs, and in a show of good faith, left a dragon egg with them in the same chamber.

The party attacked Redeye and viciously took down the king of the lizards and claimed his magical redeye and trident. The game ended as the party stood over his slain corpse. Now, the group must gather up the dragon egg (the other part of their bargain with Hishka), get Marzena, and return to Cromm’s Hold after trekking back through the Lizard Marsh.