Shadowrun – Black Ops: Bogota – Game Session 007

Game summary for June 30, 2011; present characters included Bernsen (dwarf combat mage), Network (dwarf drone rigger), and Tango (ork tank).

After the LAZARUS RISING fiasco, Team MACHETE was assigned a task in the jungle.  Amazonia forces have cleared a section of rainforest and put in a small airstrip.  They are using the location to bring in massive amounts of troops and supplies into a region Aztlan had nearly suppressed.  Two stealth bombing missions have failed, with the bombers being shot down from surface-to-air missile installations.  Security around these installations is heavy, more than at the base itself.  Due to its remote location and the number of troops in the area, it seems Amazonia is confident in the security from ground assault.

Studies of geological data have revealed a cave system near the airstrip.  A scout team has found a cave opening near the airstrip which can be used to infiltrate a clandestine team behind enemy lines and make an attempt to destroy the strip.

Also, Aztlan has learned that Colonel Mateo Rivera is in the area.  He would make a prime target of opportunity.

Primary Objectives

  • Airfield – Aztlan will provide eight satchel charges that will fire a charge into the air and scatter into thousands of small explosives.  This will destroy the landing strip surface.  The airfield must be rendered unusable.

Secondary Objectives

  • Colonel Rivera – Capture of the Colonel would be a valuable source of information.  If he cannot be extracted, his death would be preferable to his survival.
  • Structures – Destroying the air base is a temporary solution, but the more damage done the better.  Destruction of all structures would be of benefit.

Bernsen, Tango, and one of Network’s GM-Nissan Doberman drones proceeded through the caves and emerged in the steaming jungle just as evening set.  The team was not especially stealthy and came upon an Amazonia patrol including a genetically-enhanced spectacled bear warform, a female troll warrior lieutenant, a male dwarf infantry, and a male human infantry.  Tango engaged the troll and bear, readily defeating both.  Network’s drone took two well-placed rounds and was temporarily disabled.  Bernsen took several rounds and unleashed a Flamethrower spell, knocking himself out with drain but setting an infantryman on fire.

With Bernsen and Network out of the battle, Tango unleashed with his assault rifle, clearing the battlefield.  He then used first aid on Bernsen.  Meanwhile, Network sent in one of his MCT-Nissan roto-drones to the team.  Using the drone’s camera, Network walked Tango through a jury-rigged repair of the Doberman.  Ready for action once more, the team proceeded to the airstrip.

They discovered a trio of guard towers, the runway, a hangar, and several barracks.  Under the cover of darkness, Tango and Network’s drone distributed satchel charges using stealth.  The watch tower guards overlooked them, but a dwarf infantry emerged from a barracks to smoke.  He stood within one meter of Tango, smoking; he flicked his cigarette butt right by his head and returned to the barracks.  Sighing with relief, Tango continued setting the scattered charges.  After setting six of the eight, another soldier emerged to meet up with one of the Amazon warriors for an evening tryst.  Again, they seemed to pay no notice to Tango crawling along the runway.

Soon, all the charges were set, and the team moved to the edge of the jungle.  Tango launched a HE grenade into the side of one of the barracks as Bernsen detonated all the charges.  The resulting explosion ripped through the encampment, destroying the runway and killing a number of soldiers.  During the chaos, Team MACHETE slipped back into the jungle and through the cave back to Network’s awaiting GMC Beachcraft hovercraft.

The above summary is for a game session of Shadowrun: 20th Anniversary Edition played by the Phoenix Gaming Club.