Shadowrun – Black Ops: Bogota – Game Session 010

Game summary for July 28, 2011; present characters included Bernsen (dwarf combat mage), Network (dwarf drone rigger), Tango (ork tank), and Vessel (troll brawler).

With the location of the science base ascertained, the team prepared for an assault.  Aztechnology provided an additional four operatives to assist:  a cyber-enhanced ghoul named Feast, a combat mage named Napalm, an ork brawler named Razor, and a martial artist adept named Reaper.

The 8-man team headed into the Amazonia jungle approximately five miles from the base.  About a mile in, a trio of cybertooth tigers pounced from the foliage, their approach masked by chameleon camouflage.  One began mauling Feast, but the ghoul shook over the attacker and retaliated.  Napalm and Razor were incapacitated by the biodrones quickly, but the team rallied.  They used APDS rounds to get through the drones’ armored skins and soon took down all three.

Several team members were badly injured, and Feast and Tango went to work with first aid kits.  Bernsen used Heal to patch up the more grievous wounds.  After a short time, the team was back in good shape and pressed on through the jungle.

The firefight had drawn the attention of several Amazonia patrols, and it didn’t take long to run into one.  The MACHETE team discovered Saeder-Krupp elite CorpSec working with the Amazonia soldiers, and another firefight erupted.  Feast charged forward at an Amazonia elf infantryman, hunger in his eyes!  Vessel hurled a HE grenade at a troll, and Napalm unleashed a Fireball on the troll as well.  Bernsen used Flamethrower on the elf, and the rest of the team exchanged volleys with the remaining human.  With minimal injury to themselves the MACHETE team brought down the patrol and pressed forward.

They soon found the entrance to the science base, guarded by a number of soldiers.  They fell back to plan the assault.

The above summary is for a game session of Shadowrun: 20th Anniversary Edition played by the Phoenix Gaming Club.