Game Results for November 18, 2006

It was game 2 of our Underworld variation of Vampire: The Masquerade, played at our first Thanksgaming Day event.

The Death Dealers set out to execute two enemy mafia leaders, Mariano and Paul Massoli. They raided the house and engaged in fierce battle throughout the first floor. Unfortunately, two Lycans were aiding the Massolis, and Johnny Dean was decapitated.

After clearing the first floor, Hagitha, Ryu and Darren moved up to the second floor, which was filled with mafia muscle. Hagitha and Darren were soon neutralized, but Ryu was able to outgun the opposition. Darren had succeeded in executing Mariano Massoli before he was incapacitated, leaving only Paul Massoli as a remaining target. Ryu stalked down to his holdout and put two .45ACP rounds through his body.

Unfortunately, Ryu showed a bit of mercy and left call girl, Sally Willis, alive as a witness. They group’s plan of framing the Jamaicans failed, because she told everyone an Asian was the trigger man. Confusion about who executed the hit still exists, but there have been no retaliations against the Jamaicans as the Death Dealers’ bosses wanted.


  1. Casey says:

    DARNNIT! I thought that might come back to bite [pun fully intended] us.

  2. Shane the character killer says:

    stupid hooker

  3. charles.plemons says:

    On the plus side, that gives me several ways to take the story line from here. So, it wasn’t a total loss by any means, and the primary objectives were certainly met. I would also not be surprised if the powers-that-be felt some satisfaction that Johnny Dean met Final Death after his (inadvertent) blunder a few months prior.

  4. Casey says:

    Yeah but now my character is gonna be on the sh@tlist . . . and I was so close to being the unequivocal leader of our group (killing 2 werewolves in one night, being the only one to remain conscious, taking out Paul Massoli). So much for mercy . . . from now on, any hooker I encounter is going down . . . and then I’m going to kill her.

    **Lord, forgive me for that right there. That ain’t right.**

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