Game Results for November 9, 2006

It was game session 17 of the Age of Worms campaign this week. A re-grouped party, joined by two new members, pressed further into the caves of Bhaal. The grimlock archers hounding the party at the ledge were eventually neutralized with a barrage of arrows, bolts and spells.

After traversing the cliff face to the cavern floor, the group fought off a pair of chokers intent on turning the band into dinner. After dispatching the chokers, the party turned their attentions to the rope lattice above the choker lair and found it guarded by a grimlock barbarian and three grimlock warriors.

Spells flew, arrows zinged, and potions were quaffed. By the end of the carnage, the entire party remained standing, and all of the grimlocks lay dead. Of course, the party conducted an obligatory search of the bodies and moved on.

Now, the group stands at the top of the rope lattice gazing upward into darkness at a narrow passage winding sharply into the unknown.