Game Results for October 26, 2006

Thursday’s Age of Worms game presented the party with several obstacles. The party left the labyrinth and proceeded into the caves of Bhaal. They descended into a stalagmite filled cavern guarded by a trio of sightless grimlocks. After a quick skirmish, the party defeated the group and moved further into the caves.

Soon, a second cavern presented itself, also filled with stalagmites and stalactites. This larger room also led to a drop off plunging 45 feet straight down into the darkness. Within the room lurked a pair of krenshars and a grimlock kennel master wearing a dire ape pelt as a cloak and a blood-red wolf skull for a mask. His gleaming axe nearly killed Krismorel, but her renewal saved her. Valgen found himself scared of one of the krenshars and spent some time fleeing from it. Several attacks and spells like spiritual weapon, flaming sphere and magic missile later, the krenshars and grimlocks were slain.

While investigating the edge of the drop off, the party found iron spiked had been driven into the stone wall making it possible (although treacherous) to descend. Unfortunately, Firsta and Lyrin discovered there were archers somewhere down in the darkness, and Valgen had to drag Lyrin’s dying corpse to safety for revival by Krismorel. Unfortunately, Firsta was not so lucky; he was flying over the chasm when the archers attacked, and he plummeted to his death. Krismorel used a precious scroll to unleash her only silence spell upon Valgen who then attempted to use a rope to descend into the darkness. His bulky armor interfered, and he fell. He had 45 feet of rope to play out, and the fall was 45 feet (a little less with the stalagmites sticking up). Valgen slammed into the ground with an absolutely silent crash.

Krismorel attempted to follow Valgen down, but she was hit by arrows from the archers and fell from the rope. She did not survive the impact of the fall. Lyrin stayed back from the chasm to await reinforcements or signs of life from his allies. Valgen quickly searched the bodies of Krismorel and Firsta to collect items to help him escape and fortunately found a potion of gaseous form, which allowed him to return to Lyrin. The pair fell back to a secure area to nurse their wounds and mourn the death of their companions.

Patron Adventures

Long-time game designer Wolfgang Baur has embarked upon an interesting method of creating adventures. He is collecting “patrons” who give a donation for an adventure. Once he collects enough pledges, he then writes the product; the catch is it only goes to the patrons, ever. It will never be published anywhere else, and patrons get to make recommendations about how the adventure is written.

For more details, visit here.

Underworld Revised

I did some reassigning of points on the characters in our Underworld Vampire: The Masquerade campaign. I reduced the level of Fortitude for each character but reassigned the points into other disciplines, abilities and attributes.

More Dice Tales

Not long ago, the Wizards of the Coast website posted a number of legends, tales, and myths about gaming dice from various players. They have posted a few more at the bottom of this Tales of Summoning, Idols and Dice article. Remember, stealing the luck of babies is just wrong.

Game Results for October 19, 2006

Thursday’s Age of Worms game went well. The party continued its exploration of the temple of Myrkul, investigating the bedroom used by the slain acolytes of Myrkul. They also discovered a storage room filled with foodstuffs and other supplies. While most of the party was in the acolyte bedroom, Fruos pulled out his portable ram and charged through a door on the other side of the temple. Within, he found himself face-to-face with a huge centipede, two more acolytes, and the Faceless One himself! Fruos attempted to withdraw, but he was caught by a color spray effect, beaten on by a summoned fiendish ape and then stabbed to death with daggers.

Several party members tried to come to his rescue but found themselves grappled by the spirits trapped within the pillars of the main temple. The Faceless One and his cronies drove the party back with lightning bolt and summon monster spells. Eventually, the Faceless One caught them in the hallway trying to flee the temple and hit Thoril with another lightning bolt as he opened a door. The party moved into position and succeeded in flanking and killing the evil wizard and another acolyte.

A search of the Faceless One’s laboratory revealed several items of interest, including the key which allowed the group to read the cipher scroll. They also recovered a few items of magical power and some bit of treasure. Goodbyes were said to the fallen half-orc barbarian (i.e. they looted his corpse) and the party made camp in the store room after emptying some of its contents.

New Shadowrun Video Game

I stumbled upon this website, which is the development page for the upcoming Shadowrun video game. The screen shots look awesome! I was actually looking for the main Shadowrun RPG web site, found here.

White Wolf Halloween Special

White Wolf is having a Halloween sale on World of Darkness, Exalted and VTES products. From now until Halloween, you can get 25% off on purchases, and free shipping if you order $50 or more. See more details here.

Worldwide D&D Game Day

Saturday, November 4th, 2006 is worldwide Dungeons & Dragons Game Day. You can get more details here. Several gaming stores around the country are hosting games for the day. You can see the participating stores here. None are in Bowling Green, but there are some not too terribly far away. If you are interested in getting in a game or two on the 4th, check them out!

Gaming Events

The BG Gamers have had a series of Saturday gaming events recently, including PlemCon II and Halloween Hootenanny I. I’d like some feedback about them. Are they worth continuing? Are they coming too frequently? Infrequently? Do you like them being tied to the same night as UFC events? Are the door prizes worthwhile? What would you suggest for improvement?

World of Darkness Debut

The BG Gamers event, Halloween Hootenanny I, introduced the World of Darkness (specifically Vampire: The Masquerade) to a whole new group of players. It is quite a bit different from our normal Dungeons & Dragons game. I’m curious to see some feedback about the game. Specifically:

  • What do you like about the Storyteller Game system?
  • What do you dislike about the Storyteller Game system?
  • If you could change anything about the game, what would it be?