Game Results for November 16, 2006

Game session 18 of the Age of Worms campaign ended with a bang! The party began the evening attempting to traverse a steep passage up into the darkness. Several of the party members found their armor particularly limiting and the going was slow. At the top of the passage, the group found a wide chamber protected by a pair of spear-toting grimlocks. Naturally, they yelled for reinforcements as they attacked the heroes.

After some interesting combat, a flood of grimlocks poured into the room and setup charges and flanks all through the party. The fighting was fierce but eventually the heroes vanquished the enemy. Unfortunately, they were yet to encounter the grimlock chieftain.

This massive, raging grimlock came charging from his cave yelling praises to Bhaal and swinging a nasty greataxe. A single, horrendous blow sent Brutus to the ground searching for Oblivion. Only the quick thinking of Valgen saved his life; the whip-warrior uncorked a potion vial and force-fed his critically injured ally. The blonde elven bombshell, Cam, went toe-to-toe with the chieftain and suffered terrible injuries for his efforts. The spellcasting prodigies, Jimmy and Lyrin, pelted the chieftain with spells while Thoril dropped back to rain arrows from afar.

Finally, spells brought down the axe-swinging behemoth. Little Jimmy Firespark then ran over and bashed its skull with his fearsome quarterstaff.

Licking its wounds, the party has holed up in the chieftain’s quarters in an effort to camp and recover their strength. A single, dark passageway winds down into the darkness outside his chambers. Where will it lead, and what evils await below?