Flight of the Phoenix – Game Session – 011

Game summary for January 31, 2013, Flight of the Phoenix Spelljammer campaign; present PCs included Amothar Skyblade (elf fighter/mage),  Moto Patton (giff myrmidon), Orophin Calafalas (half-elf bard), Zirin (dracon swashbuckler), Zorn Seregon (psionicist) along with Callisto (fighter/psionicist), Elaina of Ptah (cleric), and Safana bent Anwar (sorceress).

As the Pisces headed through Realmspace, a sailor spotted a neogi mindspider off the port bow!  The team scurried into action trying to evade the ship.  The team got off a few shots with the ballista, hitting once.  The mindspider caught up and rammed!  The grappled ships came to a sudden halt while neogi and an umber hulk swarmed across!

Several of the Legionnaires were confused by the umber hulk’s gaze.  The umber hulk and Moto engaged in melee, with both sides drawing blood.  Zorn attempted to disintegrate the hulk unsuccessfully.  Amothar unleashed a barrage of magic missiles at the injured hulk, dropping it!  One of the neogi attacked the caster and tried to poison him.  Callisto failed to hurl one of the neogi overboard with her mind, while Orophin bounced a lightning bolt, frying a neogi where it stood.  Elaina called down a flame strike, hitting herself, the remaining neogi, Zirin, and Zorn.  Safana finished the neogi with another magic missile.

Orophin, Safana, and Zirin boarded the mindspider and found a spellcasting neogi!  Orophin and the spider-creature traded magic missiles!  Zirin then cut it down with his long sword of sharpness!  They freed the human slaves and dispatched the umber hulk in the lifejammer helm.

The team then set back out and reached their destination, the Rock of Bral!