Flight of the Phoenix – Game Session – 010

Game summary for January 10, 2013, Flight of the Phoenix Spelljammer campaign; present PCs included Amothar Skyblade (elf fighter/mage), Orophin Calafalas (half-elf bard), Zirin (dracon swashbuckler), Zorn Seregon (psionicist) along with Callisto (fighter/psionicist), Elaina of Ptah (cleric), and Safana bent Anwar (sorceress).

The team interrogated the woman, named Arliss, and discovered the berserkers lived on a nearby asteroid.  They went to talk to the berserker’s jarl to trade Arliss for some captives she claimed they held.  The group found the asteroid to actually be a massive living plant with no rock or soil, just enormous entangled wooden branches.

A small team went down to the surface to speak with the jarl about the exchange.  It soon became apparent the jarl cared nothing for Arliss but instead wanted restitution for his two slain krajen.  When the party insulted him by offering a single gold coin, he stated he’d just take their cargo and ordered his men to attack!

The jarl lead the charge, slamming his axe into Amothar’s chest, staggering the elf back!  The berserker’s wokani moved forward and hit three of the team with a nasty lightning bolt!  Arrows sailed out of the vegetation and axemen closed into melee range.  Things looked bleak!  Zirin used feather fall to jump off the ship and come down to the surface and join her companions in battle.  Callisto tried to psionically teleport but failed and instead had to rappel down a rope.  Amothar gave the Legion their first advantage by hitting the jarl and wokani with a cone of cold!  Elaina used cure serious wounds to help the elf recover from the wounds the jarl and a second berserker had already dealt to him.

Zorn used a jump power from his ring of projection to return to the ship where he could use psionics from a distance.  Orophin and Safana both lined up lightning bolt spells, felling nearly half the berserkers.  This just drove the remaining maniacs into a frothing rage, and battle continued in its bloody brutality.  Soon, the jarl and wokani were slain, and things turned against the berserkers.  A few moments later, the team was victorious!

They then discovered a hidden level amidst a pile of skulls and found an “underground” lair with an imprisoned merchant and his wife along with a pile of gleaming coins!