Flight of the Phoenix – Game Session – 009

Game summary for January 3, 2013, Flight of the Phoenix Spelljammer campaign; present PCs included Amothar Skyblade (elf fighter/mage), Orophin Calafalas (half-elf bard), Zirin (dracon swashbuckler), Zorn Seregon (psionicist) along with Callisto (fighter/psionicist), Elaina of Ptah (cleric), and Safana bent Anwar (sorceress).

While traveling in the Flow, the Pisces came across a drifting tropical island filled with exotic birds and tangy fruits.  The Legion of the Schwartz was sent in to investigate the air supply, which they found to be fresh and pleasant.  They brought the ship in close to refresh the air supply.  They discovered a “SOS” on the beach and followed a trail into the jungle.  They found a large tree house made of the wreckage from an old Spelljammer vessel.  Up in the house, they discovered a journal and a chest filled with coins and a few magic items.  Reading the journal, they learned the tree house belonged to Captain Bronco Resinous who was stranded 30 years prior.  His last entry from two years ago indicated he was investigating some strange silvery spiders he had seen in the distance.

The team decided the captain was long dead and left as quickly as possible.  Along the way, they found bizarre things such as birds slain by razor blades and smooth-cut tree stumps.  After talking to Captain Robilard, they agreed to leave the island immediately.

The team then continued through the Flow for many days until they came upon the Realmspace Crystal Sphere!  They waited for the portal to open and slipped through.  As they did, they were ambushed by Starbeast Clan berserkers riding krajen!  The tentacle-ringed horrors flew in next to the ship while berserkers swarmed over the rails.  The krajen began smashing the ship while axes and arrows cut into the party.  Zorn was paralyzed by krajen poison.  Amothar tried to use magic missile and found the krajen resistant to magic.  Orophin and Safana began unleashing lightning bolts with devastating results, dropping berserkers and archers right and left!  Callisto put her daggers to work while Zirin fought through the barbarians to land telling blows on one of the krajen!  Zorn, although paralyzed, used the power of his mind to unleash psionic destruction on the krajen, successfully using his disintegrate several times for the first time.  The battle was short and violent.  Finally only a single archer bobbed in the gravity plane eager to surrender.  The team pulled the woman in to interrogate.