White Plume Mountain – Game Session – 004

Game summary for May 24, 2012, Priscus Venatus campaign, S2: White Plume Mountain adventure; present PCs included Althion Whiteoak (fighter), Marvin Clearmind (paladin), and Nosorn “The Nose” Silversword (dwarf fighter/thief) and present henchmen included Acwald Doubleaxe (dwarf fighter) and Vivienne Longshanks (cleric dual fighter).

The party proceeded down the last of the three corridors and found a corridor lined with copper-colored metal plates.  Vivienne could determine it was a trap, but Nosorn was unable to discover a way to disable it.  Marvin moved forward and found his metallic items heating up at an alarming rate to the point of scalding.  After suffering several severe burns, he fell back.  The paladin then stripped down to his skivvies, wrapped his metal items in a cloak and dragged them behind him on a rope.  Well down the hallway, the metal was so hot it disintegrated the cloak and rope and boiled the water it now sat in.  Nonplussed, Marvin moved into the chamber at the end of the hall and walked into an opening secret door spilling forth ravenous ghouls!

The paladin was quickly paralyzed and shredded to death by the undead.  Nosorn hurled Whelm down the hallway, heating it to glowing red steel, and smashed a ghoul to death.  Magically, the hammer returned to the Nose.  Vivienne climbed into her own bag of holding and was carried down the hallway by Frank the flesh golem and dumped out to fight the ghouls.  She smashed one to the ground but was soon paralyzed as well.  The party slowly by-passed the heat trap using the golem and bag of holding.  One by one, the party got paralyzed until Acwald and Frank were able to kill the last ghoul!

The group declined the opportunity to say a few words over the fallen paladin and instead looted his corpse.  They then moved on and found a strange smooth-floored room with a pair of room-wide pits filled with rusted razor blades.  The Nose activated his ring of flying and picked up Althion to fly across.  Once entering the room, their spell faltered slamming them to a frictionless ground.  The pair slid into the pit and were slashed by the blades.  Frank was able to reach in and extract Althion, but as the Nose tried to get close enough, he cut himself again and contracted super-tetanus.  Frank pulled the Nose out, and Vivienne was able to save his life, although he was weakened significantly.

To cross the room, Acwald removed his equipment and consumed all of his potion of growth, attaining a height of 28’.  He stumbled about and slid across the room, with the party on his back, to the safe side through an illusory wall.  The team could then reach the next doorway.

In another strange room, the team found kayaks and a “river” of water suspended in mid-air.  Fish swam through as they watched.  The group climbed into the river and moved upstream to find another room filled with fighters and the notorious fugitive Sir Bluto!  Many of the fighters charged Frank but were unable to hurt him.  Althion, Acwald, and Frank laid waste to the fighters and Bluto, while the Nose moved around the side mopping up the stragglers.

With the hostile warriors defeated, the team found itself in a huge seemingly empty room with the bizarre river flowing through.

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