White Plume Mountain – Game Session – 003

Game summary for May 17, 2012, Priscus Venatus campaign, S2: White Plume Mountain adventure; present PCs included Marvin Clearmind (paladin), and Nosorn “The Nose” Silversword (dwarf fighter/thief) and present henchmen included Acwald Doubleaxe (dwarf fighter) and Vivienne Longshanks (cleric dual fighter).

After recuperating from the brutal sphere room, the team proceeded down a northern corridor and opened a room filled with stitched-together bodies.  Once entering the room, the door slammed shut, and the golems animated and posed a riddle.  Marvin figured out the problem in moments, deactivating the golems except for one, whom he named Frank who now follows the party’s orders.  Joined by Frank, the group moved through another door.

The team went through a turnstile and found a large natural cavern filled with boiling mud and traversed by wooden platforms on swinging chains.  Geysers of scalding steam erupted every few minutes.  Nonplussed, Nosorn activated his new ring of flying and ferried people across (leaving super heavy Frank behind).

On the other side, the group moved down a corridor and found a room of utter darkness.  Marvin could sense evil within, and the group crept inside.  The evil within attacked, but Marvin was able to dodge at the last moment.  Acwald swung his bardiche and connected with something unseen.  Meanwhile, Nosorn flew up to the ceiling and mapped out the room by touch.  Vivienne stumbled forward while Marvin moved out of the room and read his anti-magical scroll.  Moving back into the room, he disrupted the magical darkness revealing a vicious vampire!  Nearly panicked, the team closed in on the vampire unaware of the extreme danger it posed.  Miraculously it missed with its next attack but Acwald did not.  The second bardiche blow was staggering, and The Nose was able to sneak around and slay the monster from behind.  The gaseous vampire fled to its coffin, which the group prompted dismantled.  The gas sped out of the room to parts unknown.

Inside the ruined coffin, the team discovered a small fortune in coins and potions.  They also found the mystical hammer, Whelm!  The Nose decided it more fit him than Wave and claimed the hammer as his own.

The group went back across the mud chasm, collected Frank, and returned to the spinning chamber.  They ordered Frank through, but he was too uncoordinated.  The poor golem was caught spinning in the cylinder until rescued.  Marvin ran and slid through the oily chamber right as Burkett fired a flaming arrow igniting it.  Badly burned, Marvin healed himself on the other side.   Burkett and a female caster emerged through a door and fought viciously.  The woman cast a web spell, trapping Marvin.  Acwald came sliding through the cylinder and slammed into the web, sticking as well.  However, now on fire, he ignited the webbing, burning him and Marvin.  The rest of the team rushed through the cylinder, and brutal blows landed on Burkett.  The female yelled out his name in obvious distress and anger and suddenly shifted into a raging werewolf!  The team rallied to battle, and although Marvin was bitten, the team took out both the human and lycanthrope.

The group ransacked the room and moved to head down the last of the three branches of the dungeon.

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