White Plume Mountain – Game Session – 005

Game summary for May 31, 2012, Priscus Venatus campaign, S2: White Plume Mountain adventure; present PCs included Althion Whiteoak (fighter), Marcus Godse (half-orc assassin/fighter), and Nosorn “The Nose” Silversword (dwarf fighter/thief) and present henchmen included Acwald Doubleaxe (dwarf fighter) and Vivienne Longshanks (cleric dual fighter).

The Swords of Greyhawk searched the room of the strange river and found a hidden door unlocked with Sir Bluto’s key!  Behind it lay a narrow passage leading to another chamber.  Beyond the door at the far end lay a room most bizarre indeed.  A massive inverted ziggurat of alternating levels of dry land and water with transparent barriers between each stretched out before the team.  In the first level of water swam half a dozen giant crayfish.  Below them another level crawled with giant scorpions.  Next, four sea lions swam in a second aquatic layer.  Down below this stood three vicious manticores.

The team advanced down to the water and fought the crayfish, using Frank the flesh golem as a shield and warrior to help clear the way.  They then moved down to the scorpion level with Acwald at the head.  One of the scorpions stung the stalwart dwarf, and he went into frothing convulsions and died before the astonished party.  In moments, Vivienne too died from scorpion poison.  The group fell back and moved Frank to the front to clear out the massive vermin.

Next, the team fought through the sea lions with little resistance and moved down to the manticore level.  Nosorn, using his last charge from his ring of flying hovered into view of the beasts, and they pin cushioned him with tail spines to the death.  Mortified, the group again used Frank as a moving wall of destruction to smash the manticores.

With the monsters destroyed, and three of their own fallen, the team triggered a flood and had to wait for it to drain away before opening the door at the ziggurat floor.  On the other side stood a plump halfling smoking a pipe!

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