Drums on Fire Mountain – Game Session – 004

Game summary for February 16, 2012, In Search of Adventure campaign, X8: Drums on Fire Mountain adventure; present characters included Dinendel Telemnar (elf hero-magician), Meriwen Arnatule (elf hero-magician), Nicholae Dragos (cleric curate), and Theobald Goblinbane (dwarf hero).

Following the dark hallway, the group proceeded to find a room filled with four wooden pig-headed statues and the pounding noise of ritual drums echoing from deeper within the complex.  The group crept in and was attacked as the statues revealed themselves to be wood golems!  The menaces proved impervious to mundane weapons, making several of the party ineffective.  The elves unleashed an onslaught of magic missiles once this was discovered.  Legend used his ancient sword to cut down one of the golems in a single swipe.  Theobald’s trusty spear proved the end of all the rest.

The group then moved into another room occupied by eight kara-kara warriors and a rotund kara-kara manwu-papa!  The kara-kara began chanting and working themselves into a frenzy as the party swarmed in and cut down several of the green-skinned orcs.  The manwu-papa caught Borislav and Theobald in a hold person spell but was unable to lay a curse on Nicholae.  The warriors proved fairly ineffective, but the manwu-papa and his iron mace were of tougher stock.  The pig priest fought like a dervish, smashing his mace into Legend, driving the elf into retreat.  He then found a clear shot on paralyzed Borislav and slaughtered the mighty warrior with a single blow.  The party closed in around the witch doctor and brought him down, but only after suffering several more injuries.

Nicholae performed a quick ritual over the fallen body of their companion while they waited for the hold person spell to dissipate.  Once it did, they found a large chamber with thirty-foot deep pits spiked with sharpened bamboo around the edges.  Within one were three naked kara-kara males cowering in a corner.  Enraged over the recent death of Borislav, Meriwen rained arrows down on the three, killing them in the hole.  The team then recovered some skeletal remains from the other pit and found a platinum belt worth a king’s ransom.

Faced with two exits from the pit room, the team decided to follow a trail they believe cuts back close to where they came.  What dangers lie down the dark hallway?

The above summary is for a game session of Dungeons & Dragons BECMI / RC edition played by the Phoenix Gaming Club.

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