Pukana La’Aina – Polynesian D&D 3.5 – Game Session 7

Game summary for July 6, 2010; present characters included Kanaka Kohola (darfellan storm druid), Palakelei (human martial warrior), Palu (human ranger), Puinsai (cecaelia warder), and Vollintine (human berserker).

Upon returning to Ashenford, the team discovers the town partially burned and bodies in the streets. They learn that the frog cult, and their inshon minions, burst up from the ancient catacombs and slaughtered many, dragging many more down into the depths for sacrifice. Among the missing, Princess Ayoli, daughter of Chief Mukanu. The chief offers his daughter’s hand in marriage if rescued. The Keiki Manuahis decide marrying into minor royalty would not be an all together bad thing, the accept the challenge. They quickly find an apothecary and stock up on healing balms and anti-venom. Then, the delve beneath the city streets.

Not far into the catacombs, the team finds a tomb with a burning brazier occupied by two inshon and a trio of cultists. One cultist approaches, a mocha-skinned lithe athletic woman moving with the grace of a dancer, corded muscle rippling with every movement. Slender black-bladed knives twirl in her fingers, the light reflecting off the obsidian surface and moist liquid coating. Behind her, a massive dark-skinned bald man resembles a large frog himself. Animal furs cover his body, and human and humanoid skulls ring his waste like a belt. He carries a massive stone-headed mace. Traces of lightning play across the rock and handle. The inshon close in as the party advances, swarming to attack Puinsai and Palu. In moments, Puinsai finds herself surrounded by inshon and women armed with slick obsidian daggers. Kanaka unleashes a sudden stalagmite, impaling the massive man in the back of the room. Chaos ensues, with blood flying as the two groups collide. Bolstered by Kanaka’s magic, the Keiki Manuahis make fairly short work of the frog cultists.

The team presses further into the catacombs, discovering a large columned chamber with two other exits in the rear. More inshon and cultists flood into the room. One, a priest, begins layering prayers and curses upon the two parties. In moments, the Keiki Manuahis find themselves hampered by the power of the frog god. A massively muscled man, a protector of the frog, wielding an earth-based elemental club pressures the druid, Kanaka. Rocks flying, he begins clubbing away while another slaymonger works over the team with her deadly black daggers. The nearly mindless inshon begin attacking the flaming Vollintine, despite being burned with each claw and bite. Kanaka tries to use magic to swing the tide and finds himself clubbed violently for his efforts, losing his prayers under the protector’s beating. Palu, wounded terribly by inshon, charges the priest in an effort to stop his curses. The priest succeeds in getting one more spell cast, transferring the wounds from one inshon to Vollintine! Moments later, the priest is killed. With Kanaka driven into a corner, bones shattered by his clubbing, the protector turns on Puinsai. They go club-to-club, and the protector suddenly turns on Palakelei. The martial warrior fights bravely, but a powerful swing slips his formidable defenses. The deadly club crushes his skull, dropping him dead instantly. Moments later, the protector is slain by the party. The inshon are taken down quickly, while the slaymonger attempts to flee. Vollintine catches up to her and prevents her escape. Moments later, she lay dead on the ground.

Quickly taking stock of the situation, Keiki Manuahis is in trouble. They are injured and need a moment to recover, and their friend and ally Palakelei lay dead.