Pukana La’Aina – Polynesian D&D 3.5 – Game Session 6

Game summary for June 17, 2010; present characters included Kanaka Kohola (darfellan storm druid), Palakelei (human martial warrior), Palu (human ranger), Puinsai (cecaelia warder), and Vollintine (human berserker).

Keiki Manuahis pushed on toward the heart of the inshon-infested swamp and was accosted by a dedicated force attempting to drive them out. As the inshon approached, Kanaka unleashed an entangle spell, slowing several inshon and entangling two dire frogs. The rest of the team took good advantage of the delay by drinking their anti-toxins in preparation for the approaching venomous inshon. Blood spilled quickly as the groups finally clashed. The bulk of the inshon came in from the swamp side, while another flanked around the back. The dire frogs struggled in the grasping weeds while the party killed inshon after inshon. Puinsai and Palakelei provided assistance to Kanaka as the flanking inshon bandit finally made it around and pressured the druid. By the time the dire frogs freed themselves from the plants, Keiki Manuahis had dispatched all of the inshon.

Eager to find more inshon blood to spill, the party charged deeper and found the ruins of an old temple. Protecting the ruins were an inshon warlock, an inshon brawler, a venomous inshon, a brutal feral inshon, and a mysterious frog cultist priest. Puinsai charged forward to tackle the warlock and take him out of the fight. Palu and Palakelei unleashed havoc upon the venomous inshon, and Vollintine took up the fight against the feral inshon. The frog cultist laid a curse upon the party and a prayer upon friends and foes. Puinsai found herself in trouble when the warlock cursed her strength, allowing the inshon to slip free.

The venomous inshon went down in a spray of gore beneath the onslaught of Keiki Manuahis, and the warlock cursed Puinsai even further, making her awkward, clumsy, and unskilled. The frog cultist blessed his allies and protected them with a legion’s shield of faith. Kanaka established his presence by blasting the feral inshon and inshon warlock with a steam jet, scalding the warlock to death. Enraged, the feral inshon grabbed hold of Palu and began rending and raking, disemboweling the ranger. Puinsai limped back to her team and engaged the brawler along with Vollintine and Kanaka. The storm druid unleashed a molten blast on the brawler, encrusting it in hardening lava. Palakelei brought the fight to the frog cultist who had been dropping blistering flame strikes and other deadly spells upon the party. The cultist surrounded himself with a whirling ring of blades, which cut deeply into Palakelei. The martial warrior landed several solid blows of his own, however. As the feral inshon and brawler died, Kanaka moved in on the cultist and began a prayer to call lightning. The cultist launched a final darkbolt at Palakelei, but the shot went wide. Kanaka’s prayer ended, and charring electricity crackled from the sky, burning the cultist to cinders.

Keiki Manuahis spread out and searched the ruins, discovering the cultist here was following orders to recruit the inshon for a cult operating out of Ashenford! The group tended to their wounds and reincarnated Palu into a Kanaka human, again. With that, the team prepares to return to Ashenford to root out this den of evil!

Pukana La’Aina – Polynesian D&D 3.5 – Game Session 5

Game summary for June 10, 2010; present characters included Kanaka Kohola (darfellan storm druid), Palakelei (human martial warrior), Palu (human ranger), Puinsai (human warder), and Vollintine (human berserker).

Divine energy surged up from the earth and through the druid’s hands, reincarnating Palu as a human! No longer was he of the Panahi tribe, however, but of the Kanaka. Although somewhat disturbed to be in a different body, Palu was happy to be alive.

The Keiki Manuahis pressed deeper into the fetid swamp, still battling the stinging insects. They soon uncovered an inshon raiding party consisting of three bandits, a brawler, and four dire frogs! The team moved in for the attack and laid waste among the creatures. Kanaka electrocuted several while Puinsai tangled with a massive frog. Palakelei put his cascading strike to good use, pummeling the monstrous beasts. It was Palu, however, whose fierce hatred for the inshon led him to the most brutal and effective attacks. His twin macas carved a bloody swathe through the ranks as Vollintine arrived to help mop up the rest.

Palu had broken some of the obsidian in his weapons during the fight and sat down to repair them. After an hour of work, another group of inshon arrived and attacked! This group was assembled for war and brought elemental dire frogs, a warlock, and a venomous inshon along with bandits and brawlers. Water boiled around the feet of one of the frogs, while ice crystals formed around the other. The warlock unleashed an onslaught of sickening blasts while the poisonous secretions of the bandits began taking its toll among the party. Vollintine found himself beset by the vicious venomous inshon who injected him with a strong paralytic poison. Vollintine was able to shrug off some of the effects but was hampered by sluggish movement for the rest of the fight. Kanaka cast menacing tentacles and waded into the fray toe-to-toe putting the glowing spear of Auku to deadly use!

Palakelei put himself in harm’s way, using his tremendous defensive skills to occupy several of the inshon. Puinsai found herself in trouble flanked by two inshon bandits. Using numerous sneak attacks, they brought her down, and one killed her on the ground before closing in on Palakelei. Palu had not recovered from the first encounter and had to fall back to nurse his wounds. He used the time to move around to the side and came into the fight with a vengeance! In moments, the warrior inshons all lay dead, but the frogs and warlock remained. The warlock continued firing sickening blasts but could not withstand the concentrated might of Keiki Manuahis. The team then fell upon the frogs and finished the battle.

With the fight completed, Kanaka began to summon the powers of the earth and reincarnate Puinsai. After an hour of ritual, a new body formed for Puinsai, that of a cecaelia!

Pukana La’Aina – Polynesian D&D 3.5 – Game Session 4

Game summary for June 3, 2010; present characters included Kanaka Kohola (darfellan storm druid), Palakelei (human martial warrior), Palu (human ranger), Puinsai (human warder), and Vollintine (human berserker).

With the spear of Auku able to warn of the nearby presence of sahuagin, the PCs made a hasty retreat from the sea caves and returned to the lands of the Panahi tribes. Traveling to Ashenford, they found the town had recently been attacked by organized inshon raiders. The ignorant frog-men often raid, but their use of tactics belied a sinister presence behind their actions. With the success of claiming Auku’s spear fresh in the peoples’ minds, they quickly turned to the Keiki Manuahis to rid them of this new menace. The team agreed for a fee of 3,000 pink coral beads each (paid one quarter up front); besides, Kanaka was eager to try Auku’s spear against the inshon!

The group delved into the stinking, fetid swamps where they were plagued by stinging insects and terrible leeches. Progress was grueling as they discovered their magical cloaks would not allow them to easily swim about—they only function in salt water! A few days into the trek, the team was accosted by the lashing limbs of a hungry darktentacles! The 36-armed cephalopod snagged Kanaka and Palakelei, constricting them horribly. Puinsai hacked away at one of the tentacles, and Palu brought the fight to the creature. Palakelei struggled free, and Kanaka bit through the tentacle ensnaring him. The group quickly advanced on the monster, and it lashed them brutally; however, it took only a few moments of combined aggression to kill the monster.

After dispatching the darktentacles, Palu picked up on some very large inshon tracks and set off deeper into the swamps. Soon, the spear of Auku erupted in the telltale blue light warning of the presence of monstrous humanoids. So warned, the team enhanced themselves with spells as a pack of inshon bandits and brawlers moved in along with their trained dire war frog. Immediately, the dire frog lashed out its tongue, snatching Kanaka into its maw! The inshon closed in and grievously injured Palakelei and Puinsai, eventually rendering the warrior woman unconscious. Vollintine stepped out of the bushes, however, and laid waste around him. He and Palu slammed their macas into inshon flesh—blood and obsidian shards flew as they scored devastating blow after blow. Kanaka escaped from the frog and set about putting Auku’s spear to good use. Soon, all of the inshon had croaked, leaving only the dire frog alive. Palu calmed the beast and convinced it to hop off into the swamp in search of easier prey.

With weapons needing repair, allies needing medical attention, and night approaching, Keiki Manuahis made camp. Kanaka and Vollintine used a bit of magic to repair the breaks in their blades. Palu, lacking such spells, worked well into the night repairing his maca. By dawn, everyone was refreshed and re-armed, ready for what the day may throw at them.

By noon, the group had stumbled into the hunting grounds of an amphibious phase spider of terrible size. The magical beast materialized out of thin air and drove its fangs deep into the center of Palu’s chest. Massive muscles pumped poisonous liquids into his trunk, which began digesting him from the inside. Then, as quickly as it appeared, the spider was gone! Several of the team quickly drank their vials of antivenom in case they were bitten; meanwhile, Palu fell back as the poisons coursed through his system with violent results. In moments, the spider was phasing in and out and biting each member of the party. Fortunately, the antivenom did its job, and Kanaka, a storm druid, was immune to the venom anyway.

Angered, Kanaka tagged the spider with a molten blast, coating it in a hampering shell of cooling lava. His attack also shook the spider with fear, leaving it even more vulnerable to the party’s attacks. Before it could phase away a final time, the team converged on it and riddled it with terrible injuries. Soon, the spider lay dead and twitching in the muck. Behind them, Palu began to vomit forth the remains of his organs. Everyone attempted to bolster his strength with magic, but the mighty spider’s venom was too strong. Within a minute of being bitten, Palu lay dead, his innards digested by the monster’s poisonous bite. Kanaka calmly began his nature prayers to reincarnate his fallen brother-in-arms. The awesome power of life surged through the storm druid’s hands, bathing him and the swamp in a verdant light. As the glow subsided, Palu was restored to life, reincarnated into the body of a…