Pukana La’Aina – Polynesian D&D 3.5 – Game Session 11

Game summary for August 12, 2010; present characters included Ayoli (human rage cleric), Kanaka Kohola (darfellan storm druid), Laka Pokukeliki (human fighter/rage cleric), Palu (human ranger), Puinsai (cecaelia warder), and Vollintine (human berserker).

After licking their wounds from the tyrannosaurus attack, the team continued seeking Chiron’s lair. Before long, they encountered a patrol consisting of four ophidians, an awakened dire viper, and a snakeman huntsman. Kanaka wisely slowed the bulk of the attackers with an entangle spell. Some of the ophidians made it through, and they made good use of their shark-toothed warpaddles, scoring deep wounds and breaking teeth off in the wounds. The huntsman used wall of thorns to split the party, but the Keiki Manuahis were not overly hampered. Vollintine arrived on scene and slashed away with his great maca, taking the head from one of the ophidians. He also assisted Laka in slaying the viper after the priest dropped a comet on it with his magic. Bolstered by the divine magic of Ayoli, Laka, and Kanaka, the patrol was quickly cut down with easily recovered injuries on the part of the heroes.

Soon, Palu and Carmine returned from their scouting mission and led the group deep into the jungle. After a short hike, the Spear of Auku began glowing in Kanaka’s hands once again, signifying the approach of more ophidians. The casters unleashed enhancing magic while vipers, ophidians, huntsmen, and a shaman closed in. The huntsmen augmented themselves with barkskin and began laying down layers of wall of thorns. The shaman activated a draconic aura, causing anyone who struck him or allies to suffer a blast of acid damage. One of the dire vipers poisoned Vollintine with a precise strike. Kanaka activated menacing tentacles and flailed at his foes violently. Puinsai’s deadly club powered through the shaman’s defenses, crushing skull and spine in a horrendous blow. Palu and Vollintine cut down several other foes while Laka went toe-to-toe with an ophidian chasing him. Fortunately, the rage cleric slipped a shot past the serpent creature’s defenses, ending its life. Kanaka took advantage of an opening and lined up a shot on the remaining snakemen. A maximized empowered steam jet scalded the scales from the last two foes.

Emboldened by their victories, the team set out to find Chiron and defeat the snakeman leader. The team knows they have made good progress toward his lair and believe he will share the fate of his minions.

Pukana La’Aina – Polynesian D&D 3.5 – Game Session 10

Game summary for August 5, 2010; present characters included Ayoli (human rage cleric), Kanaka Kohola (darfellan storm druid), Laka Pokukeliki (human fighter/rage cleric), Palu (human ranger), Puinsai (cecaelia warder), and Vollintine (human berserker).

With another victory under their belts, and a wedding recently completed, the Keiki Manuahis sit back and relax. However, heroes never truly get to rest. Before long, word arrives that the serpent races are waging war against the Kanaka and the Darfellan. The battles are going poorly, and if they fall, the Koahine and Panahi will certainly be targeted next. The team learns the serpent races are led by a warlord named Chiron. They theorize that killing the warlord will cause the snake people to fall back into infighting. So, they board the great canoes of the Panahi and set out to the island of the Kanaka.

Once on the island, Ayoli begins making inquiries about the war effort. She discovers that the serpent people are using arcane magic to transport around and engage in brutal skirmishes. Palu begins investigating the serpent folk’s island and finds that he cannot locate anyone who has actually been there. He does learn that the serpent races are comprised of several distinct species: the arcane-wielding snakemen, the serpent-like naga, the slave-race ophidians, and the supreme rulers, the psionic yuan-ti. The team prepares for jungle survival and bribes a fisherman to take them to the serpent island under the cover of darkness.

The group sets off into the jungle blazing a trail with Laka’s ring of blades. After approximately an hour, the group is deep in the jungle at night with a fresh cut trail, 15-feet across, leading to them. The team decides to make camp, and Laka and Ayoli climb up a tree to sleep. Soon thereafter, they fall asleep, and then fall out of the tree. During the commotion, a pair of fiendish tyrannosauruses stampede into the camp. One swallows Kanaka nearly immediately. Vollintine charges directly into the battle, and Puinsai scampers onto the back of the one digesting Kanaka. Palu and Carmine the crocodile wade in, while the clerics unleash magic.

In moments, the group learns the monsters are resistant to both fire and cold, and magical spells seem to shatter against their spell resistance. Blood flows freely from all the combatants as the massive reptiles swallow people left and right. Palu carves himself out of one of the stomachs using a dagger. Undaunted, he gets right back into the battle. Laka finds himself depleted of spells and trapped in the gullet of a rex along with Kanaka. Meanwhile, Puinsai discovers a weak spot and drives her handaxe deep into behemoth flesh, cheered on by Vollintine. One tyrannosaurus swallows Vollintine and snatches up Carmine in its maw as well. In moments, Vollintine slices his way out as well.

Things look bleak for the party, with several grievously injured; however, Vollintine follows up the efforts of his allies with brutal efficiency. Using his razor-sharp obsidian dagger, Vollintine succeeds in disemboweling one of the dinosaurs. The other attempts to flee with the casters in its belly, but Puinsai, riding on top, continues to rain down blows. Vollintine sprints through the dark jungle, flips his obsidian blade in his hand and hurls it toward the beast. The knife sinks between the scales and buries in an artery. It takes several moments for the beasts’ dying gurgling screams to end, but the group wastes no time in cutting free their remaining allies.

Thus ends the second hour on the serpent island. What further horrors await?