Pukana La’Aina – Polynesian D&D 3.5 – Game Session 3

Game summary for May 27, 2010; present characters included Kanaka Kohola (darfellan storm druid), Palakelei (human martial warrior), and Puinsai (human warder).

Refreshed from their last encounter, Keiki Manuahis delved deeper into the sea caves in search of Auku’s spear. They soon came upon a sahuagin sea witch, a sahuagin savage, and two anguillian cutthroat goons. This was the party’s first encounter with the sahuagin’s eel-man slave race. Battle erupted as the creatures charged forward!

The sea witch’s opening gambit was a slow spell centered on the party, but fortunately only Puinsai was affected. As the monstrous humanoids and aberrations approached, Kanaka unleashed an arc of lightning, which zapped the two sahuagin, but the cutthroat anguillian evaded! The flint spears and tridents of the enemy scored several telling blows, and the sea witch shrouded himself in a cloak of darkness. As the battle wore on, one of the anguillians attached himself to Puinsai and began draining blood and a frightening rate! Kanaka and Palakelei drove the sea witch back and killed the savage and other cutthroat, while the attached anguillian continued mauling Puinsai. Soon, Puinsai lay dying on the ground while Kanaka dropped lightning down on the fleeing enemies. Puinsai was nursed back to consciousness while the sahuagin and anguillians were dispatched.

With Puinsai seriously injured and the rest of Keiki Manuahis exploring other tunnels, the party had no choice but to climb up into a niche and rest. Although sahuagin occasionally passed nearby, the group was unmolested while Puinsai was restored to full health. Kanaka used the opportunity to re-affirm his devotion to nature and gain new prayers.

Recovered, the party moved further down, finding themselves in partially flooded caverns. Eventually, they came upon a flood of sahuagin and anguillians who quickly surrounded the party and began a brutal assault. Kanaka held the enemies back somewhat by summoning a mighty water elemental! Despite being outnumbered, the Keiki Manuahis team quickly dominated the battle with the aid of their cloaks of the manta ray, which took the sahuagins’ terrain advantage from them. One of the anguillians attached to Palakelei, but it was dispatched before it could do the same damage Puinsai had suffered earlier. Within moments, torn and bloody sahuagin and anguillian bodies were floating away in the salty currents.

Bolstered by their victory, the party pushed further into the flooded caverns and discovered a massive flooded chamber littered with coral coins and the spear of Auku! However, between them and victory was a massive obstruction–a dire octopus of mammoth proportions! Crushing tentacles lashed out, driving Kanaka back from the onslaught. Palakelei circled around, taking several hits, while Puinsai climbed atop the massive beast! Screaming in primal fury, she unleashed an barrage of blows down on the octopus. The monster shook her off and brutalized Palakelei, but Kanaka hit it with a molten blast, scalding it and encrusting the octopus with a stony covering. Now slowed, the octopus was unable to resist Puinsai’s next climbing attempt, and she rode out the battle from the top of the creature, battering it with strikes! Palakelei hit the creature repeatedly as well and dodged tentacle after tentacle; however, many scored bone-crushing hits. Kanaka caused piercing stalagmites to erupt under the creature and scalded it more with steam jet. Finally, the combined might of Keiki Manuahis was too much for the beast, and it went down. Palakelei limped away, beaten within an inch of his life.

Within a few minutes, the party had recovered from their wounds and retrieved Auku’s spear! The team now must leave the sea caves, but already the spear glows in warning of the nearby presence of the shark-men!

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