Pukana La’Aina – Polynesian D&D 3.5 – Game Session 2

Game summary for May 18, 2010; present characters included Kanaka Kohola (darfellan storm druid), Palakelei (human martial warrior), Palu (human ranger), Puinsai (human warder), and Vollintine (human berserker).

As the Keiki Manuahis team delved deeper, salty sea water became more prevalent. Before long, they found themselves in a side chamber occupied by a massive troll king. Palu charged into the fray, maca and dagger flailing. Although he hit the brute, it retaliated by rending parts of flesh from bone. Palakelei caught the creature in a net, and Kanaka blasted the troll with scalding water, knocking it prone. Puinsai battered the beast with her greatclub while it struggled on the ground.

Two more trolls arrived from deeper within the caves, trapping the team in the cavern. One attacked Wavy, while another advanced on Puinsai and Kanaka. Vollintine slipped in from down the corridor and began a vicious assault. Despite the trolls’ tremendous regenerative powers, they were no match to the combined power of Keiki Manuahis. After slaying all three trolls, they searched the area, recovering a couple thousand coral coins.

After regrouping, Keiki Manuahis moved further into the sea caves, crossing an area of salt water. They stumbled upon four sahuagin in a small cave, and a violent battle erupted. Fast-thinking Kanaka unleashed a daylight spell, temporarily blinding the shark-men. The sahuagin revealed their own caster, a sea priest who immediately began a prayer. Palakelei moved into the corner and was pinned in by a pair of sahuagin savages. A third took up a stance in the narrow corridor and did an amazing job of holding the party back. Wavy was slaughtered by their flint tridents, and the Keiki Manuahis team was driven back. The sea priest harrowed the party with curses and malaise including smite foe, curse of ill fortune, and curse of petty failing. It also succeeded in blessing the savages.

Kanaka used sudden stalagmite and call lightning to try and bolster his team but with limited success. Palakelei kept some of the sahuagin occupied for a while, allowing Palu and Puinsai to whittle away at the third. Vollintine finally slipped through the ranks and pressured the caster, but he suffered a number of the sea priest’s curses firsthand.

The battle tide turned when the first sahuagin fell. Riding on that success, the party surged forward and killed another savage. Puinsai charged into the backfield and attacked the sea priest, crushing his skull with her club. Finally, the last savage fled the chamber and dived into the sea water, swimming away into the darkness.

After nursing their wounds, Keiki Manuahis, prepared to delve even deeper into the caves in search of Auku’s spear.