May Day – White Wolf Storyteller System in Weird War II

Game session summary for one-shot game using White Wolf Storyteller System (Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse) set in Weird War II. Present characters included Anya Filipivich (Russian super soldier), Edward Danes (British werewolf), Hank Reynolds (American super soldier), and Oksana Radu (Russian vampire).

Mission Summary

German scientist, Dr. Otto Geiger, is the key to the SS she-wolf program and must be stopped! The Allied Forces want the secret to Dr. Geiger’s process and would prefer him captured alive; however, it is most important that he be prevented from creating any more SS werewolves. It is believed Dr. Geiger’s previous assistant and former girlfriend, Emma Hans, knows the location of Dr. Geiger’s lab.

Primary Mission Objectives

  • Interrogate Emma Hans to learn location of Dr. Geiger
  • Kidnap Dr. Otto Geiger
  • Destroy Dr. Geiger’s Lab

Secondary Mission Objectives

  • If Dr. Geiger cannot be kidnapped, kill Dr. Geiger
  • Eliminate all SS she-wolves encountered
  • Steal any other secrets that would help the Allied cause

Game Session Summary

The strike team converged upon the home of Emma Hans, which was guarded by a trio of German soldiers. The team moved around back where a single guard stood before the rear entrance. Surveillance showed only Emma inside. Oskana moved forward and flirted with the guard, determining that Emma was upstairs alone. Edward changed to crinos form and moved out from behind the bushes, causing the guard to scream and flee. Edward jumped from the ground through the second floor window as one of the front guards moved upstairs. The third guard cautiously moved along the side of the building and spotted Hank in the bushes. He yelled for him to come out and surrender. Oskana walked around the corner to attack the guard as Hank opened fire, winging the man.

Anya rushed inside to assist Edward and found him fighting with the frightened guard. The two finished him off while Oksana drained the blood from the other guard. Edward threw Emma over his shoulder and leapt to the ground below. The group disappeared into the night and dragged Emma into a wooded area. After several hours of amateurish interrogation, Emma finally divulged the location of Dr. Geiger’s lab.

With the new information, the team traveled to Poland to capture Dr. Geiger. After a bit of searching, the located the address and assessed the situation. The facility was guarded by three German soldiers and an SS officer. The strike team advanced and hurled three grenades amid the guards. After a frantic scattering, the guards avoided the brunt of the explosions. One of the guards snatched up the MG 34 machinegun and fired off 50 rounds and Edward, injuring the werewolf severely. Anya moved up and began dispatching one group of guards while Hank and Oskana moved to eliminate the machinegun post. The team was surprised by the emergence of an obfuscated German vampire.

The vampire viciously attacked Oskana while Hank tried to burn him with his flaming breath. The battle raged, and finally, Oksana sank her fangs into the vampire and killed him. Edward then advanced a commandeered the machinegun. Oksana attempted to drain another soldier, but Hank executed him before she was able. After a quick regroup, the team charged into the lair of Dr. Geiger.

Inside, four soldiers and an SS she-wolf awaited. Anya maneuvered into an intersection and was caught in a brutal crossfire. Edward engaged the she-wolf, and Oksana grabbed hold of one of the guards. As she fed, the she-wolf tore into Anya and Edward. Hank popped off several silver bullets into the she-wolf, tremendously reducing her threat. Oksana killed the guard, and Anya finished off the werewolf. Edward and Hank mopped up the last guards and advanced into the lab.

Deep within the lab cowered Dr. Geiger, easily captured with his honor guard eliminated. The team also discovered additional information on the super soldier syrum developed by the Nazis. After destroying the lab, the team exfiltrated from Poland with Dr. Geiger in tow.

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