Motorola DCT 6412 III DVR

I had a strange problem with my Motorola DCT 6412 III DVR last night. Everything live on cable played through the tuner just fine, but nothing recorded would play. Instead it showed a black screen with no progress on the play bar. You could fast forward or rewind, and it remained at 0:00 played and a black screen.

I tried recording something new and then playing it, thinking maybe the old files corrupted. This resulted in the exact same behavior. Finally, I did some looking out on the Internet and noticed some things. First of all, Insight Communications has lousy self-help on their website. Really, it sucks. Second, there wasn’t a lot of help for troubleshooting to be found; most people seem to post questions trying to figure out how to steal TV shows off of the DVR.

After a bit of looking, I stumbled upon a single suggestion. Unplug the DVR for a while and it should work again. Eureka! That did, indeed, make the DVR start working again. I don’t know what caused the problem or if it will recur. I wanted to post about it here to get this information in one more place out on the web.

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  1. Shane says:

    There have been several times that I’ve had to pull the plug on my motorola reciever. I have this cool deal where HD content will lose sync between the audio and video. The only way to fix it is to do the hard reset. Every time I do this I just hope the device will die. I have an 80GB recorder and I’ve heard that the new ones Insight gives out are 250 GB and up!!!!

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