Age of Worms Adventure Path – Game Session 55

Game summary for October 11, 2007; present characters included Ashkor (lizardfolk barbarian/battle sorcerer/dragon disciple/fighter), Iapetus Hasur (hu-charad giant rogue/scout/vigilante), Lady Aridarye Phylund Brokengulf (human aristocrat/harbinger/ranger cohort), Lyrin Sinbal (simian incantatrix/ring sage/warmage), Morak Beardfist (shield dwarf fighter/rage cleric), and Taravin Truesilver (human gray guard/paladin of honor).

The Mercenaries hit the streets of Mintarn seeking information and regal clothing for the upcoming gala. Their inquiries again led them to the burned out Church of Blessed Deliverance. Outside the ruin a posted sign indicated the area off limits by order of the Tyrant. Using tremendous stealth, Aridarye slipped into the shadows and over to the ruins. Using magic, Aridarye was able to describe the interior to Iapetus. The group—except for the paladin, Taravin—attempted to follow Aridarye into the ruins, but Morak proved less than stealthy. Within moments, a single Blessed Angel appeared and ordered the dwarf off the premise. He apologized for the trespass and left with Taravin. The Blessed Angel then entered the ruins and appeared to look right over the party. She turned and disappeared. Spooked by her hellborn appearance, and unsure if she had actually seen them, the remaining Mercenaries quickly fled the building.

Later, the party was confronted in the middle of town by a pair of hobgoblin mercenaries, B’Kruss and V’Juss. The boisterous B’Kruss wasted no time in insulting and taunting the party into a series of competitions between himself and the group. The first consisted of a race from the market square up to the Toilway and back. Brave Morak volunteered for the race and mounted a borrowed horse. B’Kruss rode his own mount, a nasty dire boar named Gristlegape. The race was neck-and-neck throughout, with the hobgoblin warrior winning by a snout at the very end.

After the race, B’Kruss regaled the party with a tale of a time he lept a chasm to behead a deadly dragon. He then challenged the party to leap from roof to roof of a pair of three-story buildings. To make things interesting, they filled the alley below with debris and weapons. Again, Morak volunteered for the challenge. It was quite a sight when the stubby-legged dwarf and the hulking hobgoblin raced across the roof and jumped into the air. Unfortunately, they collided in mid-air and plunged into the junk below. Immediately, they tried—and failed—again. On the third try, Morak succeeded in the jump, and B’Kruss fell.

Not to be outdone, B’Kruss challenged the party to the Mindless Courage of the Dreadful Mauling. An area was cleared, and B’Kruss declared the challenge could be won by pinning Gristlegape for 18 seconds before B’Kruss could do so. Taravin was able to pin the beast in 36 seconds, while it took B’Kruss 42!

The hobgoblin and the party decided to try the jumping challenge again, which Morak again won. Then, they attempted to wrestle Gristlegape again. The result was B’Kruss gored into unconsciousness. With their victory secured, the party enjoyed the accolaides of the crowd and the amusement of the whole event.

In the days following the challenge, the team investigate the new temple of Bane under construction. They also visited the temple of Tempus where some of the party paid their respects to the god of war.

Eventually, the day of the gala arrived. A troll-pulled carriage picked up the party and took them to the event. The met a number of guests but found Lashonna was running late. In the meantime, the Omnious Fabler invited the guests to present their gifts to the Tyrant. This custom was completely unknown to the party, so they quickly threw together some of their trophies and delivered them with a convincing story that somehow amused the Tyrant.

After the presentation of gifts, the group was led to an outdoor stage. Now the Mercenaries have opportunity to mingle with the guests and enjoy the first of the gala’s festivities. What awaits?