Age of Worms Adventure Path – Game Session 56

Game summary for October 25, 2007; present characters included Ashkor (lizardfolk barbarian/battle sorcerer/dragon disciple/fighter), Eolas Windmaster (moon elf duskblade), Lyrin Sinbal (simian incantatrix/ring sage/warmage), Morak Beardfist (shield dwarf fighter/rage cleric), Syvarius Strongbow (moon elf archer-ranger), and Taravin Truesilver (human gray guard/paladin of honor).

The evening festivities begin with “The Harlequinade Mortificatio”, wherein animated skeletons act out scenes of death by poisoning and foul play. After the play, the Ominous Fabler leads the guests to the Balcony of Expectorance for the Handsome Slaughter of Curious Avians. Many of the guests compete at the game; they fire repeating crossbows at groups of ten corollaxes. The Tyrant slays six on his attempt, but Eolas succeeds in slaying seven. He wins the 1,000 gp purse and the disfavor of the Tyrant.

The Fabler then takes the group down into the basement and a fighting arena for Lively Sports and Baiting. The Tyrant unveils some master/slave rings and challenges anyone to fight him via proxy. Lyrin accepts the invitation, and the two gain control over a pair of cockatrices. The monsters are released into the arena along with a dozen cats. Tarnheel and Lyrin run about turning cat after cat into stone statues. In the end, Lyrin wins a majority of the statues, 7 to 5. For his efforts, he is awarded a golden egg.

Back out in the garden, the Fabler introduces another morbid game, the Bowling of the Devious Heads. The Tyrant hurls the blackened skull of Jack, an executed criminal. The remaining guests toss the skulls of other slain criminals in an effort to get their skull as close to Jack as possible. In the end, Syvarious succeeds in landing closest. He is rewarded with a necklace with a small silver skull with ruby eyes.

Finally, the dinner begins and Lashonna arrives. The first course consists of a silver goblet with a live green scrubgrub. Despite its appearance, it is surprisingly tasty. The second course is a strange blackbird pie. It isn’t bad, except for the blackbirds. For the third course, Tarnheel’s recipe for tojbasarrirge is served. This disgusting meal is made of a tojanida stuffed with gritty basilisk steaks, which are stuffed with tangy arrowhawk breasts, which are in turn stuffed with a fully boned stirge with three olives on its proboscis. Some of the characters choke a bite or two down, others simply choke. The Tyrant eventually realizes how truly dreadful the dish is and orders it taken away. The fourth course is better, if not more frightening. Jelly-like purple worm aspic is served. It is found quite tasty despite the danger of deadly poison. The meals ends with an 8-foot-tall cake topped with a marzipan likeness of Tarnheel. As the cake is set down, it splits and the tiny statue falls, shatters, and the head lands in Eolas’ lap. Tarnheel swells with fury, but the Ominous Fabler succeeds in somewhat smoothing over the situation.

Afterward, a great dance commences. Tarnheel sits on his throne and broods while the other guests try to make the best of the event. Taravin and the elves try to talk to Lashonna, but she indicates there are too many ears about and invites them to her home in two days. Meanwhile, Tarnheel gets bored with the event, and is still angry, so he dismisses his guests and leaves for his chambers.

In a few days, a carriage comes for the Mercenaries and takes them to Lashonna at Mistwall Manor. The place is opulent and extravagant. The beautiful elf reveals the journal of Balakarde as well as her interest in the Age of Worms, Kyuss and Balakarde. She tells them what she knows of Kyuss’ general, Dragotha. The once great dragon is now a dracolich who has lost his phylactery. This has kept him cowardly and hidden for hundreds of years; however, something has him stirring and eager to rescue Kyuss from his prison. Lashonna suggests the party seek out the one place that may hold the secret to locating Dragotha’s phylactery, Tilagos Island. With a new mission before them, the party begins discussing the situation with Lashonna. What more will the elven noble reveal, and who is this mysterious rival she mentioned, Darl Quethos?