Air Force, Kuwait

Received the following email:

Thanks for the letter, I received it from —–. There are two AF companies and he is in the other one, but we work together a lot. I really respect the people who take a little time out of their day to remind us over here that even when people don’t agree with a war, they still support the soldiers, sailors, airman, and marines. Thanks to you and anyone else in this program.

My niece just learned to crawl too, I here she is going everywhere. I commend you on the purchase of another Honda, I’m a Honda guy myself. You just can’t beat the quality and reliabilty of a Honda. My wife and I have a 2003 Civic EX coupe. Its the nicest thing I’ve ever owned so I baby it so much my wife complains.

There are actually a lot of UFC fans over here. Im a fan but I usually only watch the pay per views. They show them for free here on AFN (Armed Forces Network). I don’t know fighters or anything, I just watch for a good fight. I imagine it will surpass boxing in popularity pretty soon.

I am actually an avid gamer, mainly adult board games (Puerto Rico, Ticket to Ride, Settlers of Catan, etc.), Magic the Gathering limited tournaments, and video games. I never got into D&D no matter how hard my uncle tried. He goes to GenCon every year too. I have read some of the material for Vampire: The Masquerade, its a pretty neat setting for a role-playing game, more my style than Forgotten Realms style role-playing.

Thanks for all the news updates, especially about the shark, my wife loves anything interesting about animals. You will learn to love Macs just as much as you love PCs. The hardest part is finding programs to replace the usual stuff on your PC.

A little about myself:
I am happily married, she is actually deployed in the same unit as me. It is a blessing and a curse 🙂 We had both of our birthdays and our anniversary over here so far. We both drive convoys for the Air Force, it is a dangerous job but one that is very noble. My good friend was KIA a couple weeks ago. It was a really hard thing for us, The Air Force isn’t too used to people dying in action since most stay on base “behind the wire”. On lighter notes we only have double digits left until we get out of here. We will return to Fayetteville, NC and continue our happy young lives. We are origianally from Indianapolis, so probably not too far from you. I used to go to Kentucky Kingdom all the time when I was a kid. I heard someone died on the Superman, cable snapped or something and it her.

Well, I’ve got to go
Thanks again for your thoughts and prayers

“Any Airman”

note: Sorry I can’t give you my name but the internet isn’t too secure.

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