From the Ashes…

We are in the waning days of the luminary Dragon and Dungeon magazines. This summer, their pages will grace our mailboxes no more. It shouldn’t be surprising that replacements loom. Paizo Publishing is set to release Pathfinder, which looks very promising. I am a charter subscriber. Wizards of the Coast has this thing now called Gleemax. What an abhorrent cup of crap that has been. I hope that is not the “replacement” for my favorite magazines, but I am afraid it is. Dragon had some style and class. Maybe the replacement should have attempted to follow suit? Oh well, another boat missed.

Today I found that veteran game designer, Wolfgang Baur, is creating a quarterly digital magazine called Kobold Quarterly. It looks promising as well. I’m a long-time fan of Mr. Baur. In fact, I’m running my gaming group through his “A Gathering of Winds” adventure in the Age of Worms campaign right now.

Visit the website and check it out. A subscription is only $12.00. At $3.00 an issue for material from gaming professionals, it is really a steal. Jump in this boat and help the mighty kobold rise from the dragon’s ashes.

Banner for Kobold Quarterly

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