Navy, Iraq

Received the following letter:

I wanted to write and thank you for the package. You will most likely not believe this, but last night I was sitting on my bed with some microwave Mac-N-Cheese. If only I had a bowl to cook it in. The very next day your box arrives! I know—how about that for timing!

We are a crew of 10, our main job is to track injured service members until they return to the US or duty. The job is not too hard and is a lot safer than most people out here.

Like you, I also am married and have 1 son. He will be 10 in June. He misses me like crazy, but he is getting used to me being gone. He knows I am safe and will be home soon. Well I better get going. Dinner time again.

U.S. Navy

Marine Corps, Iraq

Received the following email:

Hello and greetings from the Middle East. I wanted to send you a quick email before we go out on a patrol to say thank you for the care package and support. My boys and I liked everything that you sent, the Pringles were great. It is really nice to know that there are people that still support us and what we are doing out here. I cannot listen to or watch the news because the reporting is so lop-sided.

I noticed that you are an MMA fan. When I get home in a couple of months I am going to go train for two months my first fight. I am way out of shape to step into a ring right now and fight… I would be gassed in a couple of minutes. I spar with my friends out here and recently took down the “BigBoy” out here with a heel hook. He Is 6’2″ about 235 and I am 5’5″ and 165 lbs. I have studied jiu-jitsu for about 3 years and I am okay at it, but I am a sneaky little scrapper. Snap, Tap, or Nap.

I think it is great that you are a father too. I miss my kids (1 Girl, 1 Boy) I know how you feel, my daughter has Hi-Functioning Autism and I love her to death. She just has quirky moments at times and people don’t understand. So I understand fully when it comes to hitting those milestones and appreciating them.

Have got to run and prepare my gear, and make sure the young-uns do as well.

Thank You and God Bless you and your family,

Marine Corps

Drink Mix Deals

One of the number one requests from our deployed troops is powdered drink mix singles to go. Why? These men and women have to drink lots and lots of bottled water to maintain hydration. After a short while, all that water gets difficult to swallow. A little flavor goes a long way! In addition, things like electrolytes in some of the mixes helps rehydrate, and caffeine in others helps on those late night patrols. As of the date of this posting, here are some of the good deals on drink mix singles.

Office Depot

  • Break Escapes Singles (four flavor multipacks) 100-pk – $10.00
  • Break Escapes Caffeinated Singles (four flavor multipacks) 80-pk – $10.00

Sam’s Club

  • Bigelow Tea Singles 40-pk – $6.99


  • Wyler’s Singles (Lemonade, Pink Lemonade or Raspberry) 50-pk – $5.00


  • Fulfill Singles (with electrolytes) 10-pk – $1.97
  • Morning Spark Singles (with caffeine) 10-pk – $1.97
  • Replenish Singles (with electrolyes) 10-pk – $1.97

Marine Corps, Djibouti

The following email arrived recently:

I would like to thank you on behalf of —– for your support. We received your package today and it is greatly appreciated. You won me with the macaroni and cheese as my call sign is “Cheese” and for good reason. Without the support that is given by individuals such as yourselves we wouldn’t be able to keep up the high level of morale that is required to get through day to day life. We are stationed is some of the harshest climate mother nature can throw at you and it takes everything you’ve got to get through day to day routines. The little things are what matter out here especially those that come from home. Keep up the good work and we will be thinking about you and your families as we continue the fight on Terrorism.

Thank You,

Marine Corps

Letters from the Troops

From time to time, when you are involved in sending care packages to our deployed troops, you receive feedback in the form of a letter, post card or email. Some of the stories are amusing, heartwarming, and even moving. I would like to share some of these; however, I also wish to protect the identity of these individuals. Names and other identifying details will be omitted.