Drink Mix Deals

One of the number one requests from our deployed troops is powdered drink mix singles to go. Why? These men and women have to drink lots and lots of bottled water to maintain hydration. After a short while, all that water gets difficult to swallow. A little flavor goes a long way! In addition, things like electrolytes in some of the mixes helps rehydrate, and caffeine in others helps on those late night patrols. As of the date of this posting, here are some of the good deals on drink mix singles.

Office Depot

  • Break Escapes Singles (four flavor multipacks) 100-pk – $10.00
  • Break Escapes Caffeinated Singles (four flavor multipacks) 80-pk – $10.00

Sam’s Club

  • Bigelow Tea Singles 40-pk – $6.99


  • Wyler’s Singles (Lemonade, Pink Lemonade or Raspberry) 50-pk – $5.00


  • Fulfill Singles (with electrolytes) 10-pk – $1.97
  • Morning Spark Singles (with caffeine) 10-pk – $1.97
  • Replenish Singles (with electrolyes) 10-pk – $1.97

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