WotC Switches to Watermark PDFs

I read an exciting announcement from Wizards of the Coast via a DriveThruRPG newsletter. WotC is dropping the DRM protection on their PDF products; instead, they are using Watermark protection. Woot! Now, if they will just release some newer titles as PDF, I’ll go back to buying official Dungeons & Dragons products instead of only buying Watermarked PDFs from 3rd-party publishers.


  1. charles.plemons says:

    I noticed on Tuesday that WotC had released the Draconomicon as a watermarked PDF. Now, if only they would release something a bit newer I’d start buying.

  2. charles.plemons says:

    Today, the classic Adventure Path module, The Speaker in Dreams was released as a watermarked PDF as well.

  3. charles.plemons says:

    I saw that last night, Dungeon Masters Guide II became available.

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