Game Results for March 29, 2007

Game session 30 of the Age of Worms is complete. Characters present included Aker Cruven (litorian exotic weapon master/ritual warrior), Eol Seregon (half-elf hexblade), Grot Bloodtunneler (shield dwarf warmain), Lyrin Sinbal (simian warmage), Morak Beardfist (shield dwarf fighter/rage cleric) and Valgen (human fighter/rogue).

The party debated their next course of action for some time before deciding to look for a sewer entrance near Brian the Swordmaster’s Smithy. They found an entrance in a back alley and slipped into the stinking tunnels of waste beneath the city. Within, they soon encountered a cluster of carrion crawlers feasting upon a corpse. At the prospect of fresh meat, they abandoned their meal and attacked. The party was largely unscathed from the encounter except for Eol, who ended up paralyzed for a short time until recovered by one of Aker’s potions.

Later, the party stumbled upon a pair of massive dire rats and a humanoid rat-man. All three attacked the party viciously, with Valgen suffering a horrific bite to the neck and shoulders from the rat-man. The group eventually killed the two rats and beat the rat-man unconscious and dying of his wounds. As he fell unconscious, he transformed into a human man. They then stripped, bound and revived him. After interrogating him a while, they determined he may have been under someone else’s control or enchantment, so they sent him running—unarmed—into the sewers.

After a while, they discovered a scuff of glowing fungus, like they found on the boots of the drow the previous session. They dowsed all their lights and let the dwarves lead the group through the tunnels, following the patches and scuffs of yellow. The team came upon an area where the sewer tunnel gave way to natural cave, and the strange symbol they found on the greater doppelganger’s head was painted on the wall in something that glowed only to darkvision. As they pondered this, a pair of drow thralls came out of the caves firing hand crossbows and moving in with rapiers. Despite a few well-placed shots, the drow were quickly overwhelmed and killed.

Looking into the cave revealed a bend ahead, with a faint yellow glow and ground covered by yellow fungus.

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