Age of Worms Adventure Path – Game Session 33

Game summary for April 19, 2007; present characters included Aker Cruven (litorian exotic weapon master/ritual warrior), Eol Seregon (half-elf hexblade), Evo Shandor (human fighter/rogue), Grot Bloodtunneler (shield dwarf barbarian/warmain), Lyrin Sinbal (simian incantatrix/warmage), Morak Beardfist (shield dwarf fighter/rage cleric), Thoril Songsteel (human thug), and Valgen (afflicted wererat human fighter/rogue).

The party visited Dagsumn and learned more regarding the coming Age of Worms. When he mentioned the Apostolic Scrolls, they revealed they found a bill of sale for those to Prendergast Brokengulf. Dagsumn seemed most troubled by this news and indicated Prendergast is a very wealthy and popular man in Waterdeep. He is a retired gladiator champion and owner of the Champion’s Games and the Field of Triumph arena. So, they decided to seek a way to join the Champion’s Games and explore the arena between matches.

The group went and bought items to help them in the arena. In the meantime, Dagsumn located someone to sponsor them as team manager. In two days, the group signed on as a gladiator team called The Mercenaries, under the banner of Lord Urtos Phylund II. Now legally in the games, the group went to Prendergast’s Free Dinner for the contestants and nobles of the city. Within, they rubbed elbows with many of the city’s elite and made a wager or two, or three. They also encountered Tirra, a known ally of the current champion, Auric. She indicated she represented Thoril’s former guild and was willing to work an under-the-table bet on the party. She promised a 7,500 gp payout for winning the games if they would agree to pay 2,500 gp up front. After much deliberation (and much concern on the part of Thoril), they agreed and paid her. Also during the dinner, The Mercenaries got their first looks at Prendergast, his lovely wife Lady Aridarye, and Prendergast’s right-hand man, Captain Okoral. The games’ judge, Talabir Welik, went over the rules of the arena. Afterward, the group descended the elevator system in the middle of the arena and entered the Coenoby.

The following day, The Mercenaries got their first opportunity to display their skills in the arena. They were involved in the second battle against three other teams. The Mercenaries got hit hard by a charging horseman and a group of elven archers, but the moment The Mercenaries got rolling, enemy gladiators died. It was a short, brutal, and rather spectacular battle wherein The Mercenaries outmatched every opponent and slaughtered or intimidated into submission every team. The crowd was impressed with their prowess, and the ratings board listed The Mercenaries at rank 6 by the end of the battle. Valgen offered a wink to a scowling Prendergast as The Mercenaries were lowered back into the Coenoby.

With their first match behind them, and gold won from gambling lining their pockets, The Mercenaries now face the daunting task of figuring out what to do to try and catch Prendergast in his foul deeds. They will not fight again until sometime on Day 3 of the Champion’s Games, so they have some time snoop about, assuming they can avoid Okoral’s elite guards…