Descent: Journeys In the Dark

Fantasy Flight Games has released a new “board” game that looks really intriguing. It is very similar in concept to the old Heroquest game. Take a look at Descent and its expansion sets. It is astounding in its expense, but it comes with a large number of models, so I’m sure production costs were staggering as well.


  1. Shane the character killer says:

    Whats with the dice on that game? And the price seems a bit outrageous but overall looks like it would be cool to play.

  2. charles.plemons says:

    The dice are pretty crazy-looking. I’m not a fan of the price, but I understand why it is so expensive. It is not that expensive to produce the miniatures that come with the game; however, the molds have to made from a professional sculpt of each creature, which is extraordinarily expensive.

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