Chronoshift: Spelljammer — Game Session — 055

Game summary for August 29, 2023, Chronoshift: Spelljammer campaign, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: Hekera Nephera Mawhesk Vyk’sebekenka (Sebek-ka Fighter played by Preston Harmon), Helg Ingvar (Aasimar Cleric played by Chris Harmon), Jiraiya (Hurwaeti Freebooter played by Andrew Renfrow), Khesen Pavel (Human Brawler played by Parker Harmon), Komorebi (Kitsune Bard played by Josh Jenkins), and Neko (Half-Orc Magus played by Peyton Harmon). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

The team sent Edonna shopping for supplies while they clarified the final details with Ezrelda.  They then went to rent a cage to hold a dragon and found a dwarf near the docks who traffics in large animal imports (mostly for food).  He rented them a massive cage and hauled it to the docks for them while they went and bought chains and two muzzles.  They hooked up their barge to the drakkar vessel they are using.  They decided to see if they could hire the ship’s normal crew for this mission and located them at the Rockrat, the seediest tavern in all of Bral.  At the door, the met Grinder, the ogre doorman.  He “swindled” them out of several copper pieces as a cover charge.  The team was amused at his “cleverness” and paid him even more coppers than he asked, much to his delight.  Inside, they found the place lived up to its reputation.  It was rowdy, bawdy, and appalling.  In one corner, seven men and women were gathered around a table singing a rousing drinking song from the great bard, Blackheart Joan.

It goes good with the hard times and good with the bad times
Good with the fun times and good with the sad times
So always remember when ya done all ya could
That whiskey don’t go bad, whiskey goes good

Komorebi recognized this chorus and joined them in the third verse.  They learned this is the crew they were looking for, a bunch of Vikings and followers of the Revelry pantheon.  The group was well into their liquor.  They introduced themselves as Bella, Ella, Stella, Dorn, Bjorn, Lorne, and Jorn, and to celebrate meeting the party, they drank!  Helg convinced them to hire on as crew for 210 gp for a week, but if they succeed in capturing the dragon they will instead pay 500 gp.  To celebrate their new business arrangement, they drank!  The party joined in.  Alcohol flowed.  Questionable decisions were made.  Jiraiya may have spent the evening with Ella.  Or was it Stella?  Perhaps Bella?  Maybe it was several; memories are fuzzy. 

The next day the team loaded up the ship with their provisions and cage (covering it with a tarp).  Stella (yes, it was Stella, she’s the helmswoman) piloted the ship toward Coliar.  They flew to their rendezvous point with the Donakkis Flock and met with Nylek, a local leader.  He told them what he could of the sky blue dragon, Freylass Icedeath.  The aggressive beast is raiding their trade lanes alongside its half-dragon spawn.  Nylek told them it seems to breed with everything, and Coliar is known to be home to dangerous monsters like chimeras, manticores, sphinxes, drakes, wyverns, and so forth. 

The group headed toward the region Nylek said the dragon haunts.  Along the way they encountered a roc!  The massive bird of prey set off in pursuit of the vessel, and the team scrambled to try and outrun and outmaneuver the monster.  With its size, it was certainly capable of ripping the ship apart.  While fleeing, the group flew through a swarm of wasps!  The party was stung repeatedly, but the wasps were quickly left behind.  Next the group flew into a thundercloud!  Though drenched, and Hekera blasted with lightning, the team was able to emerge from the cloud out of sight of the roc and escape!

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