NERDS Candy Adventures — Game Session — 001

Game summary for October 31, 2021, NERDS Candy Adventures campaign, Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, for Expeditions-R-Us. Session included: Green (D&D NERDS Bard played by Elyse Scruggs), Orange (D&D NERDS Fighter played by Casey Scruggs), Pink (D&D NERDS Rogue played by Sarah Jane Scruggs), Purple (D&D NERDS Wizard played by Andrew Renfrow), and Yellow (D&D NERDS Cleric played by Evelyn Renfrow). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

The team were led by the amulet of harmony to a pair of old doors in the mountainside.  Pink was able to pick the lock, and the team moved in after lightning candles and torches.  Green walked into a room filled with poison!  She was able to assess the situation and figure out how to shut down the gas by pulling a lever.  They then found some footprints and hoofprints and followed them down the hallway.

In the next room, they found a bunch of boneheads standing around holding farming implements!  Pink used a sneak attack to get rid of one while Purple cast mage armor.  Yellow came in and used turn undead to drive them all away!

The group moved into another room and found a swinging rope bridge spanning a deep chasm.  Purple cast fly on Green who then flew to the other side.  She noticed a bunch of cookie monsters climbing the walls!  The monsters came up on both sides of the bridge and attacked.  The team took several shots but were able to clobber all the cookie monsters.

Behind another door they found a bugbear and four orc goons menacing a bunch of flumphs!  The flumphs begged for help!  Purple hurled a fireball and burned some allies!  Green was nearly killed in the in the battle, but a healing potion headed off disaster.  The group broke out arrows and blades and were able to save all the flumphs!

The flumphs thanked them and told them about a secret door leading the missing rainbow alicorns!  They opened the door and moved in where they found Mr. Greystone berating Mr. Emo and blaming him for the party finding them.  A battle ensued, and soon Mr. Greystone was clobbered.  At that, Mr. Emo stopped draining alicorn colors and began to cry.  He explained he was bullied by Mr. Greystone and didn’t want to do any of this.  The team forgave him and helped him become an honorary flumph.  The team extracted the alicorns from the pit and set them free.  They became the heroes of Harmony for their heroic actions!