Classic Quest — Game Session — 021

Game summary for August 11, 2020, Classic Quest campaign, Dungeons & Dragons BECMI / RC Edition, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: Garadal Davster (Halfling played by Parker Harmon), Joseph Joestar (Human Thief played by Andrew Renfrow), Lodi Shatterhelm (Dwarf-Cleric played by Chris Harmon), Riccon Guerrier (Human Fighter played by Peyton Harmon), Stellara (Elf played by Casey Scruggs), and Timotei Kiraly (Human Fighter played by Preston Harmon). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons. This was a Roll20 session.

Surrounded by undead, the team began a pitched battle against the horde!  The team took numerous hits, but the skeletons proved fairly fragile and several went down with each moment of battle.  Soon only a heaping pile of bones remained. 

After nursing their wounds, JoJo took a torch from Timotei and descended a ladder where he found the dead body of Darados!  The elf’s body was burned and broken.  Soon the rest of the group came down as well.  The group pressed further into the darkness and triggered some poison dart traps.  Although several were hit by darts, none were poisoned. 

In another room, the group found a huge jet-black area with glossy pillars and fanged statues.  Statues that came to life!  The gargoyles attacked and cut gaping wounds into the hides of the team.  From the darkness a magic missile burst forth and slammed into one of the creatures.  The team rallied and laid into the monsters joined by a mysterious elven woman.  After the monstrosities were destroyed, they talked to her for a bit and explored the room.  The torches illuminated an enormous black glass mirror in an ornate frame.  Upon seeing it, the party charged to destroy it… 

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