Into The Shadows — Game Session — 003

Game summary for October 1, 2019, Into The Shadows campaign, Shadowrun 5th Edition, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: Ballyhoo (Human Augmenter played by Andrew Renfrow), Chase (Troll Tank played by Kaliegh Averdick), Clutch (Human Transport Rigger played by Peyton Harmon), Hollywood (Human Combat Medic played by Chris Harmon), Octane (Elf Razor played by Casey Scruggs), and Thay (Elf Street Shaman played by Taylor Averdick). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

The team piled into Clutch’s van and sped off.  Hollywood, Thay, and Ballyhoo used a number of Heal spells to mend the various injuries suffered inside the Speakeasy bar.  They then parked down the street from the Novelty Hills Sleep and Eat and sent Thay and Chase into the establishment to rent a room.  Thay flirted with the manager on duty, a wiry dwarf named Lucas Kash.  She talked him down to a lower rate and giving them room 311.  Once in the room, Thay came out and tried her keycard in door 312 and knocked.  Lucas yelled up that she was at the wrong door, so she went back to 311.  Chase used his combat axe and tremendous strength and weight to crash through the wall into 312 wherein they found Oxycode already dead.  On the floor were two commlinks which they snatched up.  Searching the room, they discovered lots of drugs, and they took those too.  Thay then used a power outlet to start a fire in the room, and the group went downstairs and told Lucas they smelled smoke. 

The pair returned to the van, and the group drove off and contacted their Mr. Johnson.  Since they had a gunfight in the Speakeasy, they decided to meet at a Stuffer Shack several blocks away.  He paid them for the commlink and handed the other one back to them.  He suggested it might be valuable, but not to him. 

The group then decided to make some money on the stolen drugs, so they called Hollywood’s fixer, Fast Freddy.  He agreed to meet in a J-Mart parking lot.  They worked out a deal to give him 20% if he would move the product, and he accepted.  He said he would meet them back there the following night.