Reign of Winter — Game Session — 077

Game summary for August 28, 2018, Reign of Winter campaign, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: Baknarla (Adlet Shaman Ranger played by Shane Bradley), Deska Starseeker (Half-Elf Druid played by Kaliegh Averdick), Erris (Arctic Elf Bloodrager played by Casey Scruggs), Iguruzu Koshin (Human Monk played by Peyton Harmon), Magnus Erlingsson (Human Cleric played by Chris Harmon), Svala Alehorn (Orc Unchained Barbarian played by Todd Hughes), and Tulvur Xandersen (Troglodyte Fighter played by Taylor Averdick). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

Rejoined by the rest of the team, the party cast several spells and quaffed potions in preparation.  They can flying back into the church, and Svala blew all the church pews out of the way with a grenade!  As they came through the hallway, the Brothers Three engaged!  The team, now outnumbering them and immune to their domination, quickly turned the tide.  One of the nosferatu exploded into a swarm of bats and attempted to flee.

Over some machinery, Rasputin rose up into the air and yelled at the party!  The nosferatu were cut down, but Rasputin proved more of a challenge.  The team tried to charge him but found themselves hedged out by some kind of barrier.  Deska, however, blasted him with a powerful flame strike!  Rasputin retaliated with a fire storm and quickened flame strike of his own!  The team was burned terribly.  The team was somewhat stifled by their inability to reach him.  He tried some enchantment magic but their protection from evil prevented it from affecting them.  After taking a lot of damage, Rasputin healed.  The team groaned in frustration.

Another fire storm later, and Magnus lay dead and Baknarla cowering behind a wall.  Greta hit him with repeated negative energy channels.  Koshi began hurling sling stones while Tulvur tried his crossbow.  Erris had a great idea, though.  He cast enlarge person, and his new extended reach allowed him to cut Rasputin down!

The team won themselves a moment, but they all began to wonder how and when this “soul-stitching” would take effect!

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