Halloween Hootenanny XII — Dread Roleplaying Game — Cabin in the Woods

Game summary for October 21, 2017, Cabin in the Woods campaign, Dread Roleplaying Game, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: Alex Smith (Human played by Taylor Averdick), Cerinitee Jones (Human played by Casey Scruggs), Elliott Samuels (Human played by Kaliegh Belda as secondary), Jimothy Belfry (Human played by Colby Westerfield), Robert Andrew Renfrow (Human played by Andrew Renfrow), Ruby Fontaine (Human played by Kaliegh Belda), Spencer Durham (Human played by Shane Bradley), and Wyle Cumberbatch (Human played by Todd Hughes). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

The group arrived at the Myers & Krueger Cabin Retreat on the shores of beautiful Crystal Lake without incident.  They were greeted by Sheryl Thompson who was very excited to meet them.  She took them into their large cabin and told them to introduce themselves to one another and pick bunkmates and then meet back up in the main room in an hour.  For some reason, there was a rubber hamburger toy sitting in the room.  Sheryl took it and apologized for having something out of place.

The group made introductions and began to explore.  Cerinitee and Ruby went swimming in the heated pool.  Mr. Renfrow went into the kitchen and had an awkward interaction with Penelope and backed out of the room.  Spencer took a nap on the couch while Jim stood back and just watched people.  Alex went to the shed and met Roscoe the maintenance man and then went and looked around the boathouse.  Wyle went to the barn and talked to Sheryl.  She got Roscoe to help him saddle a horse and go for a short ride on some of the trails before the meet-up.  Meanwhile, Ruby discovered the only alcohol was peach schnapps brought by Alex.  She started partaking quite liberally.

The team gathered for their first meeting right before dinner.  Sheryl started trying to break the ice and get people talking about some goals for the weekend.  Meanwhile, a storm rolled in.  As Penelope served a meatless dinner, the storm knocked out the power.  Jim went out to start the generator in the pouring rain where he ran into Roscoe who was trying to do the same.  While there, the team heard horrendous sounds of pain and fear from the barn.  Jim and Roscoe ran over to investigate and found all three horses had been gored and ripped apart!  They found shark teeth in some of the wounds.

Obviously shaken, Roscoe and Jim returned to the group.  Sheryl went to see the barn while Alex, Andrew, and Spencer made the half-mile hike down the road to the ranger station.  They discovered the car damaged and the ranger dead, his keys missing.  They were able to operate the radio and call for help.  Andrew took his gun and ammunition.  They returned about the time the group discovered a wedding cake topper and plastic jack-o-lantern sitting among their stuff.  Wyle found Sheryl terribly injured in the barn and wrapped her in a blanket and rope.  He took the pitchfork and dragged her back to the cabin.  He performed first aid, and she was able to tell them she was gored by a great black bull with fiery red eyes and a mouth full of rows of shark teeth!

Spencer went about locking the doors and was nearly decapitated by a zombie-like woman in a wedding dress dragging a large axe.  He dodged as the glass shattered around him, and Andrew came forward with his pistol and shot her once with no real effect.  She went around the side of the cabin dragging her axe and dripping maggots.  Alex ran about making lines of salt across the doorways and making what he called “protective circles” of salt on each floor until he ran out of salt.  The group then barricaded themselves into several of the upstairs rooms.

Spencer looked out the window and saw a scarecrow man sitting on a stump carving a pumpkin.  He turned it toward Spencer, and it looked like him!  It then impaled it with its knife.  Meanwhile, Ruby slipped downstairs and noticed the shed was on fire.  As she watched, it exploded and blew the glass out of the window all over her and knocking out the power.  Horrified she ran to the bathroom to see the damage.  As she looked herself over, the corpse bride appeared and tried to chop her up!  She was able to get past her and run back upstairs and into one of the rooms.

The group noticed the bull and corpse bride circling the house while the scarecrow man seemed to make torches over by a stump.  They decided they could not stay here.  Perhaps they could find another cabin with a vehicle?  They knew they needed to transport Sheryl somehow.  They had the idea of putting her in one of the kayaks and dragging her through the woods.  The group ran toward the boathouse, but the bull came out of the darkness charging right at Andrew!  He shot it several times, and it veered off and impaled Penelope!  It carried her off on its horn and threw her to the ground.  It opened its impossibly wide shark mouth and bit her head from her shoulders.

The group got the kayak, and Cerinitee put a rope on it and began pulling.  The group fled up into the mountain trails.  They came upon a very old homesteader cabin.  Inside, Ruby found a loose board and an ancient leather book.  She pried the lock open and found it filled with obscene rituals and pictures but was written in a language she did not know.  She did recognize a picture of the scarecrow man.  She explained what she found, but the team continued going for the moment.  As they traveled, the scarecrow man rushed out of the woods.  Ruby pulled out the rest of the alcohol, hurled it at him, and set it on fire!  He went screaming into the woods.  Thankfully the recent downpour prevented a forest fire.

They arrived at another cabin and Ruby nearly got shot by the occupant because she was shining a flashlight into the bedroom window.  Cerinitee was able to talk him down.  They convinced him to take his mini car and take Sheryl to the hospital.  He left them his shotgun, so Wyle took possession.  Soon after the corpse bride tried to decapitate Wyle, but he managed to blast her head from her shoulders.  Ruby snatched up the fallen axe and hacked the body to pieces.

They looked all over the cabin and barricaded the doors with a mattress and couch cushions.  Ruby noticed the still-smoking scarecrow coming out of the woods, and he hurled a flaming pumpkin at her!  She climbed through the window and charged him with the axe!  He caught her arm with ease and drove his wicked curved knife up through her chin into her brain.  Meanwhile the rest of the team fled in terror.

They came upon another cabin, this one occupied by grizzled rancher Elliott Samuels.  He had several shotguns, some whiskey, and an attitude.  When the bull arrived, he shot it with two shotguns, which seemed to just piss it off.  It charged, but Wyle caught the charge with the pitchfork and drove it upwards where it stuck its horns into the wood frame around the door.  It kicked violently as Elliott tried to slit its throat with his hunting knife with little effect.  Andrew unloaded a magazine into it, and Wyle wedged the shotgun under its chin and pulled the trigger.  Alex then dislodged the bull.  Spencer knelt over it, and its eyes blazed to life once again!  Using the kitchen knife, he attacked it and found the blade worked to great effect.  He was able to kill the savage beast.

The group realized the book Ruby found may have the key for getting rid of the scarecrow man, so they waited until he got near and dosed him with whiskey.  Elliott then set him back on fire.  The group then ran back down the mountain to find Ruby’s body and the book.  Wyle was able to figure out a ritual to get rid of the demon occupying the scarecrow.  It required fairly fresh human blood, a hollowed out pumpkin, a stump, and the scarecrow man’s own knife.  They found a pumpkin on the stoop, and Elliott hauled Ruby’s body up in a tree and bled out a mason jar full of blood.  The team headed back to the original cabin and the stump they saw the scarecrow sitting on earlier.  As they traveled, they hollowed out the pumpkin and filled it with blood.  Alex salted it for good measure.  Cerinitee ran into the woods to act as bait and got its attention!  She led it into the group who used a rope to trip it.  The blade went flying, and Alex scooped it up and drive the blade into the prepared pumpkin.  It flashed with unholy energy, and a fissure into hell opened up and pulled down the scarecrow’s demonic occupant.

Just as the dust began to settle, the authorities arrived to investigate…