Small Adventures — Game Session — 006

Game summary for June 10, 2017, Small Adventures campaign, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, for Small Timers. Session included: Elsbeth Blackburn (Half-Elf Druid played by Maddy Smalling), Kylar Van Bane (Human Sorcerer played by Jack Smalling), Kyras Sonata (Half-Elf Monk/Rogue played by Noah Smalling), Reth Steelarm (Half-Orc Fighter/Rogue played by Luke Smalling), and Valetin Krupova (Halfling Paladin played by Jared Smalling). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

J1: Entombed with the Pharaohs adventure, part 3.

The team found themselves trapped in the weight room for a while and was able to make camp and rest.  They tried a number of things to escape, but it was Valetin’s eagle eye which eventually spotted a release lever that allowed them to reunite with Kylar in the hallway by raising the barrier wall.

The group took the golem-powered elevator up to the final floor of the pyramid and discovered a room filled with an equation.  One of the hieroglyphs morphed every so often in some kind of countdown.  The team surmised it had been counting down for thousands of years and would reach zero in just a few more years!

The team then discovered a room with a telescope, and looking through found an encircled rune!  Reth went past them and found a sarcophagus.  He hurled a dagger at it, breaking the seal!  The Pharaoh of Numbers came pouring out as a black mass of ghostly numerical digits.  It began violently attacking the party, even forcing itself down Valetin’s mouth and nose and clawing him from within!  Valetin used smite evil, Elsbeth became an air elemental and flanked it, and Kylar unleashed a barrage of scorching rays.  Kyras and Reth moved in and struck repeatedly.  Finally, the creature was slain.

However, a secret door opened, and the pharaoh who they lost track of on the floor below emerged!  She hit the team with a lightning bolt and then belted Valetin with magic missiles.  The paladin once again used smite evil while Elsbeth wisely flew over to flanking position.  The party closed in and took her down.

The team ransacked the room and collected all the treasures.  They then went into the secret alcove and down a ladder into the last pharaoh’s tomb.  It was there Kylar saw the last encircled rune he had yet to view, and he transformed painfully into a mummy!  He immediately used spider climb to scale the walls and protect himself with mage armor.  The team began trying to hit him with everything they could.  He launched a fireball in their midst, burning several of his former allies badly, but he caught himself in the blast as well.  He died in a fiery conflagration and plummeted to the ground.

Saddened by the loss, the team looted his corpse.

The team fled the pyramid and found much of their treasure turned to worthless lead!  They dumped the junk and climbed on their camels.  Not far out, they discovered Paracount Justilar was almost atop them.  The team began fleeing through the desert using their various talents to distance themselves from their pursuers.  Neferet began slowing them down, and they discovered she was a traitor loyal to the Paracount!  However, Valetin was able to convince her to change loyalties for a share of the treasure!  They escaped the Paracount, returned to the city of Sothis, and there made good on their debts.  The Small Timers then arranged travel out of Osirion and returned to Jalden Krenshar of the Pathfinder Society and turned over several antiquities to the order.

Ruins of Undermountain — Game Session — 016

Game summary for June 10, 2017, Ruins of Undermountain campaign, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, for Harm Incorporated. Session included: Boran Gibbs (Human Cleric played by Chris Harmon), Kalil Bakran (Human Sorcerer played by Parker Harmon), Paddy Brandywine (Halfling Bard played by Preston Harmon), and Rumbald Shieldcracker (Dwarf Ranger played by Peyton Harmon). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

The team found themselves transported into Trobriand’s Graveyard within Undermountain.  They were immediately accosted by a pair of clockwork guardians.  They used large shields to viciously bash the party.  Boran took numerous hits.  Paddy cast haste to enhance his allies.  Kalil cast lightning arc to devastating effect, damaging both constructs terribly.  He followed it with a lightning bolt that proved too much for them to handle.

The group opened a door and found a pair of scaladars!  The mechanical scorpions whipped their electrified tails as they approached.  Kalil slipped in and cast fireball on both of them.  Boran wisely cast communal protection from energy (electricity) upon himself , Paddy, and Rumbald.  A scaladar charged Kalil while Boran slipped in and tried to move around.  The other scaladar blocked the door as Paddy cast good hope on everyone except Kalil whom he could not see.  Using his bastard sword, Boran destroyed one scaladar as Paddy used a bow to take down the other.  The team found a compartment in a scaladar heap containing some ancient technology.  Using Knowledge (engineering) they were able to determine the basic function of the items, four of which were explosive in nature.

Behind the next door, the group found a clockwork mage, clockwork soldier, and clockwork servant.  Eager to test their new weapons, they hurled an arc grenade through the door and slammed it shut.  The electricity damaged the creatures, and the team charged in.  The clockwork mage hurled a fireball upon the party and followed with scorching rays and magic missiles!  The clockwork servant began repairing the other clockworks.  The team surged in and began fighting the clockwork soldier.  Using its halberd, it dealt grievous injury to several of the team before being taken down along with the servant by Kalil’s lightning arc.  He tried to take down the clockwork mage with greater flaming sphere, but it proved resistant to that spell.  It could not, however, stand up to his scorching ray!

The team opened a final door and hurled all three of their arc grenades through.  They then opened the door and found three clockwork soldiers mounted on clockwork steeds, all damaged by electricity.  Kalil launched a fireball in and destroyed them all!