Ruins of Undermountain — Game Session — 017

Game summary for July 29, 2017, Ruins of Undermountain campaign, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, for Harm Incorporated. Session included: Boran Gibbs (Human Cleric played by Chris Harmon), Kalil Bakran (Human Sorcerer played by Parker Harmon), Paddy Brandywine (Halfling Bard played by Preston Harmon), and Rumbald Shieldcracker (Dwarf Ranger played by Peyton Harmon). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

The group stumbled out of Trobriand’s Graveyard but soon found themselves in some dark corner of Undermountain filled with aberrations and other horrors.  The team discovered a chamber filled with beholders as a portcullis slammed down behind them!  With few choices the team engaged and found the beholders exploded when hit!  These were gas spores!  Moments later they learned it was a mix of gas spores and zombie beholders.  The floating orbs moved in as the team unleashed blasts of area of effect spells.  The ceiling was layered with loose bricks, though, so each explosion caused rubble to fall upon the party and their enemies, causing gas spores to explode, causing more bricks to fall, and so on.  In the end, the team took more damage from the bricks than anything else.  Searching the room, they found a real treasure, a figurine of wondrous power (glass walrus)!

The party progressed through another door and found themselves in a torture room occupied by two displacer beasts!  The six-legged felines rose up and waived their tentacles in annoyance.  The group charged in and found the displacer beasts a pain to hit!  Kalil learned the hard way that the iron maiden in the room was actually an iron maiden golem!  It tried to grapple him and gobble him up, but he used dimension door to get to safety and fire off scorching ray at the displacer beasts.  Boran was the next target of the iron maiden golem’s grappling attempts, but he cast righteous might to become too large to eat!  He began pounding the thing as his team layered buffing spells upon him once they killed the displacer beasts.  Soon, it was reduced to a battered mound of metal.

The next chamber proved to be some kind of dark shrine or chapel to cosmic horrors beyond time and space.  A number of vampiric cloakers hung on the wall trying to disguise themselves, but the team noticed them.  The creatures tried to engulf all the party, but several were able to fight them off, and the team took them down with little trouble.  They did find a rare treasure, a fully charged wand of voidmote!  This obscure cleric spell promised some interesting options in a future battle.

Finally, the team entered a room that may have once been consecrated to Bhaal, god of murder.  Two owlbears and a gorgon had been held in stasis, and they surged to life as the team entered.  The owlbears proved little challenge to the team’s deadly blades, but the gorgon petrified Paddy and Kalil!  Rumbald and Boran battered the creature viciously, but it critically gored Rumbald.  Paddy and Kalil shook off the petrification, and just in time!  The gorgon breathed on them again!  However, the team was able to land several more telling blows and slay the creature.  The group was able to recover a great treasure, a +2 sharding undead-bane bastard sword!

Small Adventures — Game Session — 007

Game summary for July 29, 2017, Small Adventures campaign, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, for Small Timers. Session included: Goshik Trakar (Elf Sorcerer/Dragon Disciple played by Jack Smalling), Kyras Sonata (Half-Elf Monk/Rogue played by Noah Smalling), Reth Steelarm (Half-Orc Fighter/Rogue played by Luke Smalling), and Valetin Krupova (Halfling Paladin played by Jared Smalling). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

Tower to the Sky adventure, part 1.

The party signed on for another quest on behest of Venture-Captain Jalden Krenshar of the Pathfinder Society.  They set out to the nation of Andoran and the Darkmoon Woods hoping to find out a way to get onto the cloud tower of elementalist Samir Pilvi.  Allegedly, this tower had flipped upside down and was protected by buffeting magical winds.  However, every so many years from the proper mountain top, you could leap up onto the tower.  The party was told to seek a hermit named Oz who supposedly knows which mountain the team needs to climb.

The team traveled to Andoran and headed toward the logging community of Falcon’s Hollow.  Along the way, they were ambushed by a hunting wyvern!  It poisoned Kyras and hurt him badly, but an antitoxin gave him the edge he needed to survive the injury.  Goshik hit the creature with a fireball, and Valetin hit it with a magical frost sling stone.  The wyvern landed and engaged Valetin in close melee.  Reth charged in and cut it down with his punching dagger!

The party then came across an abandoned lumber mill.  A man shouted out to warn them of some kind of sawdust creature that had just killed his friend!  He then tried to flee but fell down and impaled his leg on a rusty gaff!  Sure enough, a cloud of sawdust rose up and approached him!  The team surged across the bridge to save him.  Valetin summoned a celestial worker ant from the heavens, and it began fighting the sawdust slough.  A hurled vial of alchemist’s fire burned the entity badly.  Kyras was eventually able to bring it down, and then he quickly provided first aid to the man using his healer’s satchel.  The man, Koljek, told them he was from Falcon’s Hollow and had come out here seeking anything he could salvage from the ruins with his friend Noren.  Noren did not survive the sawdust.  The party helped the man bury his friend, and they found several treasures in the weeds, remnants from previous victims.

Before long, the team arrived at Falcon’s Hollow and met the Sheriff.  He told them how to find the old hermit, Oz.  The group also went to the local temple of Iomedae to hire a cleric to help them in the endeavors.  They agreed to hire on a young woman named Gretchen Silverhand.

The party traveled to meet Oz and found him an interesting character.  He is perhaps a halfling who lives in an old shack under a rainbow.  He sat on his porch blowing smoke rings while the team tried to convince him to aid them.  Mostly, they annoyed him.  Finally, he agreed to tell them which mountain if they agreed to the following terms:  1) pay him 500 gp, 2) retrieve his lost chest from a cave filled with black-furred creatures, 3) bring him a four-leaf clover picked under the light of the full moon in a nearby meadow, 4) bring him the heart of the werewolf packlord.  The party agreed and set out in haste to the cave.

Much to their chagrin, the team discovered the black-furred creatures were giant skunks!  The stinky monsters put up a vicious fight and sprayed musk all over the team.  After a while, the team was able to defeat them and recover the chest.  They returned it to Oz who opened it with glee.  He unpacked a carefully padded tea set and made himself some tea.

Reign of Winter — Game Session — 035

Game summary for July 25, 2017, Reign of Winter campaign, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: All Might (Human Warpriest played by Andrew Renfrow), Denessia Rapidarma (Dwarf Gunslinger/Paladin played by Casey Scruggs), Deska Starseeker (Half-Elf Druid played by Kaliegh Belda), Kenwrec Battleglaive (Orc Slayer played by Peyton Harmon), Magnus Erlingsson (Human Cleric played by Chris Harmon), Svala Alehorn (Dwarf Unchained Barbarian played by Todd Hughes), Ten-Penny Tacey (Half-Orc Rogue played by Shane Bradley), and Tulvur Xandersen (Dwarf Fighter played by Taylor Averdick). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

The team realized with so many of their number blinded, they were in serious trouble.  They figured the giants were unlikely to come back into the nymph’s chamber since two had been slain here and thought maybe other things would avoid her as well.  So, Deska cast hide campsite, and the team rested.  All Might and Magnus were able to prepare five remove blindness/deafness spells and restore the party to normal health!

The group headed back the way they came seeking a side passage still in search of the demon creature.  They found a set of quartz runes in the floor beside a table.  On the table sat a bowl filled with wildflowers and four wooden statues.  Deska recognized the poses of the figures from the first room they entered, so she sent her magical owl back to observe and report telepathically what it saw.  The group arranged the figures in the same order but failed to do anything with the flowers.  This triggered a magical trap causing the four figures to grow to 3 feet in height and animate as wood golems!  The creatures attacked with fist and splittered blasts.  The team learned the hard way they were resistant to magic and non-adamantine weapons.  In the small hallways, the team struggled to get a lot of enemies engaged at once.  Several of the team wisely hurled alchemist’s fire among the wooden creatures.  Ten-Penny made an amazing acrobatic roll down the hallway but fumbled along the way.  She took a beating and eventually had to flee.  Magnus was able to keep the team going with channeled positive energy as Tulvur, Kenwrec, and Svala jockeyed to get into some kind of striking position.  The creatures pressed in, and Kenwrec kept landing killing blows, eventually destroying all four of the menaces!

Moments later a gorgeous woman with heterochromatic eyes appeared suddenly in the hallway.  She smiled and spoke with the team at length.  She did not reveal much about herself, but she indicated she was a servant of Baba Yaga.  She warned the group the frost giants, centaur, and demons were all aligned and ahead of the team in the complex.  Right before disappearing, she handed Deska a small metal key.

Reign of Winter — Game Session — 034

Game summary for July 11, 2017, Reign of Winter campaign, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: All Might (Human Warpriest played by Andrew Renfrow), Deska Starseeker (Half-Elf Druid played by Kaliegh Belda), Kenwrec Battleglaive (Dwarf Slayer played by Peyton Harmon), Magnus Erlingsson (Human Cleric played by Chris Harmon), Svala Alehorn (Dwarf Unchained Barbarian played by Todd Hughes), and Tulvur Xandersen (Dwarf Fighter played by Taylor Averdick). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

The team confronted Caigreal about her lack of involvement with the fight against the lurkers in light, and she claimed to be scared.  They did not buy that excuse and pressed harder.  Tulvur stepped up and threatened to murder her, and she broke down saying she lied and had no real combat ability but was afraid they were going to leave her behind.  The team continued to act more aggressively and erratic, and she fled screaming into the cave begging for help.  The team let her go.

The group proceeded through a door and down a hallway.  They came upon a strange room filled with large stone menhirs and illuminated skulls swaying from chains.  Two gutted frost giants were splayed across two of the menhirs.  In the center of the room, bathing in their blood, was a debased nymph.  Her horrific blinding beauty struck several of the party blind as she attacked.  Deska wisely summoned a constrictor snake and a trio of fire elementals to try and keep pressure on her.  The nymph summoned an air elemental to pummel the team.  She then dropped a flame strike on the flanks of the team.  Deska’s summoned creatures were unable to really injure the nymph, but they severely curtailed her mobility and gave flanking opportunities for Kenwrec and All Might.  Magnus and All Might both discovered spiritual weapon spells were highly effective in the fight.  Greta and Magnus found themselves forced into healing allies due to the vicious air elemental.

Kenwrec accidentally provoked an attack of opportunity and was slashed by the nymph.  Her debilitating touch weakened him, and she focused several more attacks on him, rendering him unconscious.  She then used a coup de grace to slaughter him!  She then used dimension door to appear closer to the team, forcing even more to try and resist her blinding beauty.  Magnus quite astutely fled back out of range and continued to hurl spells while Deska caught the nymph in a tanglefoot bag!  The team swarmed in, and finally Tulvur was able to land a deathblow with his adamantine warhammer.

The team, gathered Kenwrec’s remains and brought them to blind Deska.  She cast reincarnate, and the proud dwarf returned to life… as an orc!

Reign of Winter — Game Session — 033

Game summary for July 4, 2017, Reign of Winter campaign, Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: Denessia Rapidarma (Dwarf Gunslinger/Paladin played by Casey Scruggs), Deska Starseeker (Half-Elf Druid played by Kaliegh Belda), Ten-Penny Tacey (Half-Orc Rogue played by Shane Bradley), and Tulvur Xandersen (Dwarf Fighter played by Taylor Averdick). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

The team went down the tunnel and heard some shouting down the way.  However, they also found a stone door and decided to explore it instead.  They went down a hallway and found a large room filled with growing fungus.  Deska noticed a horned man hiding behind a mound.  She alerted her allies just in time as the man took to the air on bat-like wings and a terrible tendriculos surged upward and attacked!  The man, with his goat legs, hooves, and ram horns, used a suggestion to tempt Deska to move toward him.  He tried to charm her but failed all the while make horrific suggestive comments.  The plant creature snatched up and swallowed Denessia, however she was able to blast her way out with her pistol.  Tulvur was also snatched up and swallowed.  The tendriculos snatched Denessia back up off the ground to try and eat her again!  Greta and Deska tried to kill the flying man, but he proved resistant to weapons, spells, fire, and more.  Greta started hurting him with channeled negative energy.  Finally, Deska hit the tendriculos with a flame strike revealing its vulnerability to fire.  Denessia’s flaming bullets ripped into it as well.  Before long, that creature lay in a smoldering heap.  Deska spit poison at the flying man, but he just laughed.  He managed to charm Ten-Penny, and she grappled Denessia!  The group managed to injure him enough to flee down a hallway, the group used a scroll of dispel magic to remove the charm from their half-orc ally.  They nursed their wounds and took off down the hallway.

They came upon another really weird chamber divided into sections by wooden frames with beaded cloth stretched between them like walls.  Inside they found a brunette woman named Caigreal.  She told them she had been walking through the forest and suddenly appeared in the caves.  She seemed scared and even dropped her staff when they surprised her.  Deska talked to her for a while but could sense no deception.  Denessia was unable to detect evil upon her, although Greta still registers moderately so.  The group invited Caigreal to accompany them but warned she would have to fend for herself in battle.

The party went through a closed door through which Caigreal claimed the flying man had fled.  They found a room filled with dazzling light emanating from a six-inch hole in the floor.  Deska moved in to throw a blanket over it and was struck blind.  The party began to get injured by unseen assailants harming them with small sharp blades.  The team flailed about for a few moments as the whatever it was continued to wound them.  Deska plopped down on top of the shining hole, and in the dimmed light four light fairies appeared!  They used magic to blind two more party members and slashed viciously with their blades.  They could not withstand the onslaught of the team, however.  Greta dealt sheer angry damage with her axe, but Tulvur was particularly effective with the cold iron of Icebiter.

Finally, the group killed their assailants and recovered a magical gem from the hole in the floor.  Unfortunately, three of their part remained blind!