Reign of Winter — Game Session — 017

Game summary for February 28, 2017, Reign of Winter campaign, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: Alfbern Winterbloom (Half-Elf Inquisitor played by Preston Harmon), All Might (Human Warpriest played by Andrew Renfrow), Argun Longtusk (Wereboar-Kin Druid played by Parker Harmon), Deska Starseeker (Half-Elf Druid played by Kaliegh Belda), Kenwrec Battleglaive (Dwarf Slayer played by Peyton Harmon), Magnus Erlingsson (Human Cleric played by Chris Harmon), Svala Alehorn (Dwarf Unchained Barbarian played by Todd Hughes), Tiswichtt (Orc Witch played by Casey Scruggs), and Tulvur Xandersen (Dwarf Fighter played by Taylor Averdick). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

The team arrived in the Fishcamps outside of Whitethrone to look for Ringeirr and discovered he was “arrested” by the Fishcamps Guard.  This group of extortionists was milking the town dry.  The team found a group of the guard and beat up on them until they revealed Ringeirr’s location.  The party found the guardhouse, and Magnus kicked open the doors.  Within a pair of surprised ogres stood protectively around Marcian Enarxion.  All Might rode in on his horse as Ten-Penny ran toward the rear of the building.  Argun cast enlarge person upon Magnus and stepped back.  Deska swept in and knocked an ogre down with thunderstomp before unleashing a flame blade.  Tishichtt washed a wave of flames over the fallen ogre using burning hands.  Alfbern ordered his bear into the fray as Kenwrec charged in to engage Marcian in the back.  Svala entered a rage and swept about with her mighty axe.  Marcian used a series of feints to nearly slay Kenwrec while Deska killed an ogre with her flame blade.  Alfbern’s bear mauled an ogre to death while the team surrounded Marcian.  He had no choice but to fight for his life!  Svala moved in and cut him down with her deadly axe.  Meanwhile, Ten-Penny found and rescued Ringeirr.  The team agreed to his terms of assistance, which included leaving Nadya behind.

The group agreed to help Ringeirr slip food into the starving citizens of Whitethrone in exchange for help getting into the city through the Howlings Gate, getting forged papers, and getting a meeting with the Heralds of Summer’s Return.  The team packed up fish into carts, buried their weapons on the bottom wrapped in oiled rags, and walked up to the gate late in the afternoon.  The team bribed their way past a stunningly beautiful guard named Greta.  She remarked upon the magnificence of Magnus and invited him to drinks at the Frosty Weasel tavern and inn.  Intrigued, Magnus agreed.

The team sought to hide out in a shack until dark and just narrowly avoided the notice of a mirror man guardian.  Magnus and Deska slipped out to meet with Greta once night fell.  Magnus went in first and started drinking and carousing with her.  She was obviously accustomed to strong drink and easily paced Magnus who was trying to go easy on his consumption.  Greta was obviously spoiling for a fight or other form of excitement the more she drank.  After a while, Deska walked up as if she just happened to stumble into the area.  Greta seemed suspicious and perturbed.  She invited Magnus upstairs to her room, and he decided to join her.  From outside the door, Deska heard things she wished she could unhear.  After a respectable amount of time, Magnus and Deska returned to the rest of the team.

The group got their fish carts and set out under the cover of darkness to deliver the fish.  Along the way, they attracted the attention of some goblins.  Ringeirr had warned them goblins were full citizens of Whitethrone, and tangling with them could result in criminal charges.  Several of the team managed to grapple the goblins and choke them unconscious.  They stuffed them up in some gutters so as to not be seen.  After a bit, two of the party were spotted by an approaching mirror man!  As he got close to stare at them, Greta emerged from the darkness and smashed the mirror, telling the team to follow her quickly.

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