Savage! — Game Session — 013

Game summary for January 19, 2016, Savage! campaign, for Phoenix Gaming Club. Session included: Blazing Sun (Kau Human Sage played by Kaliegh Belda), Night Watcher (Ogre Martial Artist played by Casey Scruggs), Singing Mammoth (Elf Soldier played by Taylor Averdick), Standing Bison (Giant Soldier played by Peyton Harmon), and Wolf Spirit (Kompache Human Priest played by Chris Harmon). Game Master for this session was Charles Plemons.

The team encountered a pack of alligator snapping turtles which attempted to eat them! The party rabidly engaged. Everyone but Standing Bison had good luck against them, and the turtles were dispatched pretty readily.

Next the group entered a room with a blue glowing orb guarded by Keeper Warriors and beamos! The team tore through the Keepers with little effort while the beamos fired energy beams all about the room. The group quickly dispatched them, and Blazing Sun tricked the orb into activating. This caused a hidden chest to rise up through the floor. Within, the group discovered a key, three oils, and some red tioye.

From here the party progressed to another puzzle door. The group examined the glyphs and selected one matching the emblem on the door itself. Upon pressing it, the door swung open.

The group delved deeper until the discovered a canal. The deinosuchus that had been tracking them emerged and attacked! It bit some of the party members but slipped and stumbled in the mud. The group was able to capitalize upon this and soon brought it down.

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