Savage! – Game Session – 004

Game summary for November 17, 2015, Savage! campaign; PCs included Blazing Sun (Kau human sage), Singing Mammoth (elf soldier), Standing Bison (giant soldier), and Wolf Spirit (Kompache human priest).

The party followed Paqpopoca’s directions and found Tocatlmayana. Within they became trapped in a large mural-lined chamber filling with poison gas! They had to discover the correct combination of powders to pour into an altar to stop the trap. Fortunately, Blazing Sun speaks (but does not read) Tlacatecollehi and was able to puzzle through a word or two on the walls to help figure out the puzzle. The team struggled a bit and activated a fireball trap and sprung a pit trap in their efforts, but soon they were able to get free of the chamber.

The group found themselves in a large room with two additional exits. Going through one, the team fought against a vicious ettercap! The spider creature tried to poison Blazing Sun but ended up being skewered by Wolf Spirit. They found a wooden lever on the far side of a coal pit behind iron bars. They tried to use a rope to pull the lever and ended up singeing the rope instead. They went back through the other doorway and were attacked by a swarm of spiders. A quick but bloody battle ensued and no one was poisoned by the spiders.

The room contained a second lever, and pulling it raised the iron bars back in the previous room. The team went back used water from a fountain to quench the burning coals! They then pulled that lever and opened a secret passage guarded by a macuahaitl-wielding ogre! The creature bloodied Standing Bison but could not withstand the team’s onslaught of attacks. Beyond the slain ogre stood a door deeper into the complex.

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