Savage! – Game Session – 003

Game summary for November 10, 2015, Savage! campaign; PCs included Blazing Sun (Kau human sage), Night Watcher (ogre martial artist), Singing Mammoth (elf soldier), Standing Bison (giant soldier), and Wolf Spirit (Kompache human priest).

The team made plans to ambush Paqpopoca and set a snare trap. They hid among the coverage and awaiting the approach. A Keeper warrior sprung the trap, but the knot failed! The party did have a surprise round though, and they tore into the warriors. Standing Bison clubbed soldiers viciously while Wolf Spirit scared off the enemy mounts. Blazing Sun rushed in to engage alongside Night Watcher as Singing Mammoth peppered the battlefield with arrows. The masked Keeper the party assumed to be Paqpopoca tried to flee, and Singing Mammoth fired and arrow at him. It lodged in the throat causing a quick, bloody, thrashing death. Night Watcher and a Keeper wounded each other grievously with macuahuitls, but the man was no match for the party’s combined might.

In the aftermath, the group discovered the masked figure was not Paqpopoca but a young lass! They found a Keeper who was mortally injured but capable of speech. The group learned they had killed Tepecot, Paqpopoca’s daughter! Realizing they could not get the information they needed here, the team traveled to the dreaded City of Bones!

Under the cover of darkness, the group crept in and found the home of the merchant. They interrogated him and found the location of Tocatlmayana. To make sure no one followed, they put an end to the miserable Paqpopoca and slipped back over the city walls to head toward the fearsome dungeon!

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