Carrion Crown Adventure Path – Game Session – 104

Game summary for August 13, 2015, Carrion Crown Adventure Path campaign, Shadows of Gallowspire adventure; PCs included Dario Malavasi (human afflicted dire werewolf oracle), Gnok Thatek (dwarf vampire monk), Radimir Dragomirov (human huecuva lord cleric), Thrain (graveknight dwarf slayer), and Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander (human brine lich abjurer/cleric/mystic theurge), accompanied by NPC companion Nyssa Pagonis (human cleric) and cohort Bartemus Grimm (dwarf gunslinger), Lucretia Ivankov (human vampire spawn sorcerer), and Shaddoc Moana (human brineborn barbarian).

Thrain grabbed one of the chains and smashed through the other two suspending the corpse over the pit of negative energy. He held tightly as he and the body swung back and forth. Dario flailed away with his lucerne hammer, killing the Gray Friar and blasting a zombie into oblivion with his devastating weapon. Bartemus and Radimir dispatched a juju zombie. Shaddoc took several hits but slew one of his assailants as Gnok closed in and took down the other. Free of immediate threats, the team began healing up while Dario, in hybrid werewolf form, overturned the altar and hiked a leg.

The undead members of the party huddled around the pit of negative energy to recover their wounds while Zedd used the Seasage Effigy (a.k.a., the Face of Dagon) to commune with her demon lord master. She posed the following questions:

  1. Does Lucimar have Count Galdana in his possession?  Unclear.
  2. Is Lucimar heading for Gallowspire?  Yes.
  3. Has the real Count Galdana been turned into a lich?  Unclear.
  4. Is the real Count Galdana alive?  Unclear.
  5. Were the juju zombies descended of the Count Galdana bloodline?  Unclear.
  6. Does the Whispering Way have something in possession to continue the bloodline of Count Galdana?  Unclear.
  7. Dagon, are you lying to me?  No
  8. Has the reincarnation of Tar-Baphon into lich form already happened?  No.
  9. Has the Carrion Crown been fully assembled?  Yes.
  10. Has the Carrion Crown been used?  No.
  11. Is the Carrion Crown in Gallowspire?  Yes.
  12. Was Lucimar’s exchange with the Gray Friar a lie?  Yes.
  13. Was the creature Lucimar teleported out of this room with a juju zombie?  Unclear.

The group barricaded themselves into the room and settled in to rest, recover abilities, and study or pray for new spells. Afterward, Zedd used one of his scrolls of teleport and successfully by-passed the witchgates. He got the team to the very edge of the ruined city of Adorak, home of dreaded Gallowspire!

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